Netcam Studio 1.2.0 RC1

A new beta of Netcam Studio is ready to be tested on your end.

Several important parts were touched and therefore it requires some testing before replacing the “official” version.

Here are the changes:

  • Overally improved decoding / smoothness for FullHD Sources
  • Reduce CPU usage while recording (recommanded to use the UltraFast preset which is the new default)
  • Library is now using SqlLite (may take some time on startup first time to convert the library)
  • Fixed .NET 4.0 compatibility problem (problems while recording or saving settings) [To be confirmed]
  • Integrated Auto-Updater that checks for version on startup

Please report if you also notice changes in CPU usage when recording and smoother RTSP Streams or if on the other end there are new issues.

Updated to beta 2 on 18/06:

  • Fixed cannot view videos on Dropbox
  • Fixed Dropbox requires to login again after restart

Updated to RC1 on 10/07:

  • Added movies indexing
  • Fixed Timelapse does not prevent camera from entering sleep mode
  • Fixed problem during saving settings may occur when changing from Netcam Studio Client
  • Fixed Netcam Studio Server may crash is the computer is running for more than 21 days
  • Fixed some RTSP Templates were not working due to incomplete parameters parsing
  • New Camera Templates

Netcam Studio 1.2.0 RC1 - 32-bit

Netcam Studio 1.2.0 RC1 - 64-bit

Everything worked very fine until I opened the folder where the videos are stored. After that the Library in the web client do not show any sources, no images and no dates. In the windows client everything is fine. I did not fine anything strange in the event log. I see now also that the event log was reset. An attempt to restart gave this

As usual, please try with Netcam Studio X and report the logs here. Thanks…

Btw, if the service doesn’t start it’s normal that you won’t find any logs or cameras in the client since the server is not running…

Well, if the server is not running I cannot login from the web … However, I report logs from X.

Running X and here is how he web client looks. Where in studio X logs can I see this problem? Please advice and I will post correct info. No problems in the Win client.

Updated to beta 2 which should fix the Dropbox reported issues.

Hi, now I get weird image in NCS 1.2.0 beta 2 (after few days running). I reconect source and it’s OK now…

Also I can’t set sheduler (motion activated, try ty activate record). I get Netcam Studio Client - x64 error. In translate something like: “Key isn’t in dictionary.”


Was the computer running for more than 20 days without rebooting ?

I found a really dirty bug that may causes video sources not to be released properly or the software to crash happening only if the OS is up for more than 21-22 days. It will be fixed in the next update this weekend.

Otherwise check the CPU usage because it looks mainly like (very important) decoding issues. Sometime it has to bypass packets in case it doesn’t have enough power to decode them all and in case result in artefacts (normally and hopefully not as bad as in the picture).

Hi, I tried to restart computer, but after while I got the same image.
CPU usage is low (about 10%).

I will try some different settings of NCS…

If you connect the camera directly in vlc you dont have any of those?

If it’s fine in VLC, in NCS you can try changing the deocder type in the settings from INTERNAL to VLC

Yes, camera is OK.
I tried yesterday switch from INTERNAL to VLC and it seems to be ok now. (VLC is not installed on server)

Strange since it requires to have latest VLC installed on the server in order to work

Really not installed. Double checked :slight_smile:

So it probably still uses the INTERNAL mode as a fallback in this case. It probably logs an error related to VLC not found when trying to connect / reconnect the camera.

Probably. But image is ok for few days…

I’ve been a long time user of webcamXP/7 Pro (last 5 years or so), and am testing NetCam Studio for a new home security implementation I am doing on a new house (and testing a few others like iSpyConnect, etc…). Since you are asking for feedback on this RC build, here are my thoughts after working with it for a few weeks.

I love the performance of the system, better than WebcamXP/7, and way better than iSpyConnect from my testing so far. I have more cameras coming next week to start testing more heavily, but so far I am impressed. Stability has been a bit iffy, and I’ve had it crash a few times in the last 2 weeks… but overall not too bad.

I am excited to see this project constantly being updated and seeming to have an active community. I am leaning toward NCS for the software solution for what I am building, I just need to get some of the items below sorted first.

Technical Issues:
The client software tends to lock up doing various operations. Like enabling Audio, Ending a time lapse, etc… no errors specifically in the logs, just locks up and sometimes never comes back. Requiring me to end process on it.

Twice I’ve stopped a timelapse recording via the client and the resulting video it created was corrupt on the server after the client locked up. My client and my server are running Windows 8.1 x64

Playback of video on my client machine after installing VLC results in corrupted and messy video followed by VLC crashing a few seconds in. Which then requires me to just go to the file share of the video instead.

UI/Feature issues:
Don’t force VLC on playback of videos from the client app in windows. If I have the proper codecs and such, I would be nice to just have it use what ever native player. I find myself going to the library folder and viewing the video more that way… which is less than optimal.

The Client app does seem fairly clunky at times in how you handle multiple streams, compared to the slick finished appearance and ease of use as some of the competitor software out there. This looks much like a basic framework waiting for a finished UI. The Library interface could be quite messy with a lot of sources and lots of content.

Let me play videos from inside the library view, and don’t require a separate player to launch from the client.

Clarify some of the options more around why you would set the recording settings in the settings tab, vs on the individual source. I am very confused about what the difference is and the manual is very out of date and doesn’t cover this. There seems to be too many places to set video quality and such that are confusing, I never know where I should set stuff.

Clarify the Timelapse settings a bit more. Like when does it generate the final video? Once per day? Or do you need to have a time period in the schedule where it stops every day to encode the video? An option letting me set the max time between video generation would be good.

Change from frame interval settings to actual FPS. I know I can do the math on how many ms there are between frames to get to FPS, but it would be nice to just have the frame rate settings consistent around the UI. Since in some places they are in FPS, some places they are in ms.

Under what circumstances is it better to use Internal vs VLC for decoding library? I see virtually no difference between them other than VLC being buggier and more temperamental.

To use the mobile site, my system must be published to the internet? I noticed I couldn’t use the same URL/port as I was using for the normal website. I want to keep most of my camera environment walled from the web, only accessible via VPN connection. This makes the mobile site not work it seems even when I am onsite and on that network.

Feature suggestion:
Allow multiple libraries, possibly defined per source. This can allow for better organizing of different data sources easier from a file system level or disk level if you have different storage systems you want for various cameras.

Add “Capture” to the schedule options. So someone can set a single image capture if they want based on the schedule. I do this via the “Gallery” setting in WebcamXP/7 now, but don’t see a way to do that in NetCam Studio.

Not a feature but, the manual needs to be updated! Many features I was looking for info on setting up weren’t even documented in the v1 manual, and if they were it was very simple and didn’t actually explain much.

Facial recognition plugin, or add on?

OneDrive sync functionality?

Overall - Great job so far, seems like the underlying code is quite efficient, just needs some tweaks on the top layer IMO.

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I am seeing issues with timelapse capture with this build.

Most timelapse videos captured result in a broken AVI file when the video is generated. I see this error when I try to open the video in VLC:
"Because this AVI file index is broken or missing, seeking will not work correctly. " Then it gives me the option to rebuild and play.

I also see these errors in the logs on the NCS server:
“Aborting Stream Encoded due to timeout” around the time when the TimeLapse video is being generated. No other errors seen.

Thanks for this complete / detailed feedback.

We will take this into consideration for the future released, as you have noticed most efforts so far were going into the backend / server side and yes the UI still has a lot of work to do.