Netcam Studio 1.5.1

It’s time to share with you where we stand on our way to Netcam Studio 2.0

We (Henrik, Mikhail and myself) have been working hard during the few past months to address many issues and limitations. We have also done our best to fulfil some long-time requested features such as supporting ONVIF PTZ and Continuous PTZ.

It comes with the new web client which was totally rewritten and the new branding for Netcam Studio 2.0.

An Android version of the new mobile app (Netcam Studio Mobile 4.0) is also available for download at the end of this post.

Below the Change log since the official version (

Added button to download items from the Library
Multi-Language Web Client
Improved Overlay Manager

Improved Library Manager + Fixed deletion of multiple items
Improved Sources Selection
Improved Sources Reordering
Improved Live/Multi view performances
Fixed issues when editing cameras if brand exist with different casing in templates
Fixed entering settings screen may take several seconds
Sources Numbering now starts at 1 (instead of 0)
New Icons for UI
Multi-Language Web Client 2.0
Fixed Netcam Studio X may crash or cameras may not go to sleep anymore after opening the Sources Reordering screen

PS: Thanks to the user who submitted the only 4 crash reports we have received since 1.3.9, it enabled us to directly identify and locate the problem…
Fixed Rules in Rule Manager are not saved properly
Improved the Sources Reordering screen to display the preview and the previous source Id
Source numbering (on display) starts at 1 to align with Web/Mobile Client
Supports Push Notifications without having to register/login (5 for Free Version, 250 for Licensed Version / day)
Optimizations in Web/HTTP Sessions
Fixed onvif PTZ to support and try different namespaces (device_service and PTZ)
Forcing RTSP TCP in Onvif even if the camera reports TCP UDP (to avoid artefacts while decoding due to UDP)
Remove Netcam Cloud Regitration / Login (Cloud service doesn’t require registration anymore however the new service is not yet live)
Fixed dynamic url rewriting in NCS Web Client (was triggering page not found on reload)
Fixed Client may crash in Event Logs view
Fixed Onvif PTZ
Library uses relative paths (to prevent mixing folders)
Fixed empty video files generated when software exits
Continuous PTZ support (no more hardcoded time before sending stop command)
Reworked Connecting / Offline status + in Netcam Studio X and Client
Fixed Library Cleanup tasks stops if an error occuring while cleaning library
Do not store image “No Thumbnail” on HDD anymore if no thumbnbail is available
Settings to allow more than 1 thread per source for decoding and encoding
Support for Onvif PTZ
Removed library indexing on startup to speed-up starting time
Modified Performance Monitor to allow daily reports
Fixes / improvements in http sessions (now need to test to see if it helps handles)
Possiblity to save and review expired web sessions (connection logs)
New settings: save logs to file, save sessions to file
5x5 and 6x6 display modes in web client
Changed avatars icons (didn’t match the layout of the new web client) (and may be broken for user accounts existing before update)
New Network Camera Templates
New Slack Notification plugin
Should address the slow startup (when more than 12 cameras)
Support for Netcam Studio Web Client 2.0
Possibility to save “Start in fullscreen” with the saved default multi-view layout
Fixed problems when streaming from NCS to NCS
Fixed library thumbails not loading in list view
Fixed high cpu usage due to background MJPEG encoding threads remaining active
Fixed popup menu in source selection without any action possible
Fixed interface freezing when connecting to MJPEG stream using JPEG preset
New Network Camera Templates
Added QSV Hardware Acceleration Support
Updated FFMPEG library
Fixed Notification Interval
Always add items to library even if no thumbnail available
Source not always waking up when Motion Detection gets enabled
Removed Background Encoding feature
Fixed Authentication problem when connecting NCS to NCS using MPEG4 Stream

If you want to help by trying and reporting anything suspicious or just want to enjoy the new features and improvements, download the latest Netcam Studio here:
Netcam Studio 1.5.1 (64-bit)
Netcam Studio 1.5.1 (32-bit)

To benefit the push notifications without having to register (previous method requiring NCS Cloud accounts do anyway not work anymore) you’ll need to install the latest Netcam Studio Mobile:
Netcam Studio Mobile 4.0.1 (Android)

When connecting the mobile app for the first time it’ll prompt for registering on your NCS instance to receive Push notifications. After that, you need to go in NCS’s Rule Manager screen and from there enable Push Notification as an action for a given condition (ex: on Motion Detection)