Netcam Studio 1.5.6


This is my current version in test.

I didn’t plan to release it now especially because drag & drop from library only works with single file at this stage however due to the Client crashing issue reported by couple of users, I hope that it may either fix it or provide more information about it.

1.5.6 (Updated 22/05)
Fixed strange behaviour of the scheduler when combining multiple actions
Fixed process does not end properly when exiting application from the tray icon
Fixed sources numbering in rules manager
Added possibility to provide onvif endpoint manually when connecting cameras (in case a
camera is not detected or to connect using onvif outside of the local LAN).
New Tool: Timelapser (converts a set of images in a folder to a movie file).

Possibility to drag & drop from library (not yet finished and supports only 1 file at time)
Fixed Slack notifications
Added onAppStart / onAppShutdown conditions in rule manager (can be used to receive push or email when NCS is restarted)
Fixed cannot edit feature or sources settings from fullscreen mode
Fixed Scheduler to accept recording and motion detection at the same time
Check of the IP address done on our servers instead of using service
Updated Web Client to 2.0.5

You can download it here:
Netcam Studio 1.5.6 (x86)
Netcam Studio 1.5.6 (x64)

In case of issues with this new version, please open a new topic rather than replying to this one.

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