Netcam Studio 1.6.2

List of changes:

New Network Camera Templates
Fixed Event in case of disconnected source was not always triggered
When camera is disconnected for more than 30 seconds, reset the last frame
Fixed Web Client not working anymore on IE11

Improved decoding over RTSP/UDP to prevent artefacts / decoding issues
Fixed Use SSL not saved in the client login screen
Fixed some rules are triggered twice when the condition is met
Fixed cleanup of old files on Dropbox not working anymore
Added possibility to select number of days in web client library
Hiding camera’s passwords when writing in the event log
Library screen improvements

New flat design icons
New Web Client 2.1.0
Added support for MJPEG over RTSP
Updated Dropbox to new API
Push notification and rules executed asynchronously to prevent frame drops when running rules
Fixed Netcam Studio may crash when connecting .NET Directshow filters
Changes in Security: Now possible to delete the default Admin account
Changes in Security: Added anti Brute-Force mechanism in the username and token based authentication

You can download this new version here:

Netcam Studio 1.6.2 32-bit
Netcam Studio 1.6.2 64-bit


Thanks for the great work. I like those new icons! :slight_smile:

As it seems to work for everybody and as it’s generally very calm here…

1.6.1 is now published as the new official version.

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Reopening this topic as 1.6.2 has been uploaded on dropbox for testing.