Netcam studio and (Zosi HD TVI-DVR 8 camera system)

I have a ZOSI HD-TVI DVR 8 camera system. I have been trying to get it running with your program. The dvr is 720p and H.264 format. I’ve tried many things to get the software to recognize the dvr, but it does not. When I search for the IP address that has been assigned, it shows up and I input the password and username but can’t find any Zosi cameras on the list of cameras you have provided. I can’t seem time find information regarding “URL” for this camera setup. If anyone has information on how to get this up and running I will appreciate it. I have been using this system for several years now and I really like that is very simple to use. I would like to upgrade for more cameras but I can’t until I figure out if (Netcam studio software) will work with this new camera setup I currently have. Please help, I have days trying everything. Thank you!

Hi Will,
Is it this system? The cameras can be analog or IP. What do you have?
If I understand you correct you want to keep the system as it is with the cameras connected to the dvr and then connect NCS to the dvr? So the question is finding the URL on how to communicate with the dvr? Can you connect to the dvr from a web browser and see the cameras and get audio?
I found this guide how to access the system from a PC
I also found this in this forum Netcam Studio and ZOSI NVR/Cameras that you can test.

When you have it running from the PC you can use the program Wireshark and analyse the network communication between the PC and the dvr and from there get the URL. Most likely the URL will look like http://dvr-IP-number:port/xxxxx The magic is to find port and xxxxxx.

When you have he URL use the tab for Custom URL to add the system to NCS. It will probably look like http://username:password@dvr-IP-number:port/xxxxx

Zosi seems to have a good support so contact them and ask for the URL.


Thanks for the reply. I have not been able to get it running with a web browser, still working on that. I will try to work on these suggestions you’ve mentioned. I will post an update as soon as I get a chance. Thanks again for the quick response.

This is the system I currently have.

Thanks.I asked a question here that hopefully they will answer.

Zosi answered very quick with this so please contact their support

Thanks, I had emailed them last night after I posted. They’ve asked me to send them the dvr info and etc. I will keep you posted on the outcome. I hope I could get this resolved cause I like using the Netcam studio software. I have used “webcam xp” in the past (which work great) and than moved to (NCS). Which has been easy for me to use and navigate with. I like the camera functions and the motion sensitivity (unlike the Zosi dvr motion sensitivity, which is utter garbage) Motion sensitivity for the Zosi system has taken countless pictures (700ish maybe more with no motion insight) no matter what sensitivity level I adjusted to. So hats off to the team of Netcam Studio for creating a very good software and for making me a fan.

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Hii Will,
Just got this information from Zosi which unfortunately is bad new. Only way is to use their own PC-client since they do not disclose that information. Install that PC-client and use Wireshark and see what happens.
Dear Henrik,
Thank you for your reply!
We found the item you sent is TVI DVR kit, this model item can’t support the URL,
you can view it through app and pc client from your phone and computer.
The below is the pc client:
Sorry again for the inconvenience and thank you very much for your support!

Thanks, I also found that out, when I used Wireshark to try and sniff out some information. The result was anything I could use as a valid (URL). The result was for me to end this search that has caused me frustration, time and money. I looked over the list of devices that NCS supports and I chose to go with “Amcrest 1080p dvr”. I will set everything up when it arrives tomorrow. (Note: unfortunately there pc client does not support motion detection). The main thing for me when I am away is to have a security system to alert me with pictures when motion has been detected in and around my home. I will keep you updated with the new install. . .