Netcam Studio App

Is there a layman’s way of connecting to the Netcam studio app? I found the locked thread on here telling how to do it, but I am not an IT professional. I do not know how to setup a static IP, forward ports, etc. And I do not have three days of my life to learn how. I’ve already crashed my home network and had to completely reset it once trying.

I’m not try to sound like I’m complaining, because I am not. If there is not an easier way I simply won’t use mobile. You don’t know unless you ask though!

Hi there,
Sorry to say, but there are no easy ways or shortcuts here. Do you have installed NCS at your business and home so it is up and running? How many cams? Do you have a license?

This will not help you right now, but to be clear for others reading. A static IP is not necessary. A dynamic IP is fine, but then it is necessary to also have a DDNS Service. :slight_smile:


Hey Henrik, thanks for the reply. Yes, I have installed it at home and at our business. I currently have 2 cams running at home, and will be adding one more. I have 6 cams running at our business. I have not purchased the license yet since I’d like to make sure I’ll be happy with it prior to purchasing.

Another issue seems to have come up as well. Is there any way to set the program to always run in the background so that when the program window closes it continues to record?

It seems that the program will close on its own at times. I don’t get an error code or anything, I’ll just notice sometimes when I get on the computer that the program has closed and of course there are no recordings when that happens.

To run NCS in the background run NCS as a service. Read this guide Using Netcam Studio Service
You cannot run NCS Service as the same time as NCS X, blue icon, since they use the same code.
Now use NCS Client, red icon, to access the program.

Program closes can be two things; you use a cracked version :wink: or it is a Windows update that cause problems that was releases for some weeks ago. Several users had problem with that. Make an update of Windows so you have the absolute latest ones.

When you have bought the licenses I can help you to set up the magic stuff so that you can use the mobile app. If so, I need access to the computers with TeamViewer.