Netcam Studio Change Log


Fixed gallery authentication issues (some sources not accessible despite right being set)
Fixed issues related to SSL (server crashing in some cases when SSL being used)
Performance related changes / improvements
Update libraries and small fixes in the Web Client

Fixed Rule Manager may fail to initiate properly
Fixed Push Notification may not be sent anymore after some time
Updated Web Client (Migrated from ng4 to ng5)
New FFMPEG Library
Improvements in multi-threaded HTTP (may be faster to view multiple sources at time and may also use more resources)

New Network Camera Templates
Fixed Event in case of disconnected source was not always triggered
When camera is disconnected for more than 30 seconds, reset the last frame
Fixed Web Client not working anymore on IE11

Improved decoding over RTSP/UDP to prevent artefacts / decoding issues
Fixed Use SSL not saved in the client login screen
Fixed some rules are triggered twice when the condition is met
Fixed cleanup of old files on Dropbox not working anymore
Added possibility to select number of days in web client library
Hiding camera’s passwords when writing in the event log
Library screen improvements

New flat design icons
New Web Client 2.1.0
Added support for MJPEG over RTSP
Updated Dropbox to new API
Push notification and rules executed asynchronously to prevent frame drops when running rules
Fixed Netcam Studio may crash when connecting .NET Directshow filters
Changes in Security: Now possible to delete the default Admin account
Changes in Security: Added anti Brute-Force mechanism in the username and token based authentication

Fixed strange behaviour of the scheduler when combining multiple actions
Fixed process does not end properly when exiting application from the tray icon
Fixed sources numbering in rules manager
Added possibility to provide onvif endpoint manually when connecting cameras (in case a
camera is not detected or to connect using onvif outside of the local LAN).
New Tool: Timelapser (converts a set of images in a folder to a movie file).

Possibility to drag & drop from library (not yet finished and supports only 1 file at time)
Fixed Slack notifications
Added onAppStart / onAppShutdown conditions in rule manager (can be used to receive push or email when NCS is restarted)
Fixed cannot edit feature or sources settings from fullscreen mode
Fixed Scheduler to accept recording and motion detection at the same time
Check of the IP address done on our servers instead of using service
Updated Web Client to 2.0.5

Updated all FFMPEG calls to the latest API
Rolled back some changes which had negative impact on performances in previous 1.5.x
Fixed audio noises problems with some codecs/cameras (ex: panasonic)
Fixed a potential Deadlock between Event Logger and Performance Metrics modules

New Network Cameras Templates
Updated UI to DevExpress 2017
Updated FFMPEG to v3.3
Fixed potential crash when quitting Settings screen
Fixed potential crash in Library screen
Fixed Test Connection was available before providing camera information
Fixed Netcam Studio Client token used in Library may expire
Fixed Netcam Studio may report an error Audio Codec not found on startup
Possibility to Disable / Pause video sources without having to disconnect them
Reintegrated the Email summary notifications that was missing in 1.5.1 (Library Report by Email)
Added possibility to attach images in Email notifications through the Rule Manager
Automatically saving settings when a camera is added / removed
New set of default rules for the Rule Manager (requires deleting C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server\Rules.xml in case of an upgrade)

Added button to download items from the Library
Multi-Language Web Client
Improved Overlay Manager

Improved Library Manager + Fixed deletion of multiple items
Improved Sources Selection
Improved Sources Reordering
Improved Live/Multi view performances
Fixed issues when editing cameras if brand exist with different casing in templates
Fixed entering settings screen may take several seconds
Sources Numbering now starts at 1 (instead of 0)
New Icons for UI
Multi-Language Web Client 2.0
Fixed Netcam Studio X may crash or cameras may not go to sleep anymore after opening the Sources Reordering screen
Fixed Rules in Rule Manager are not saved properly
Improved the Sources Reordering screen to display the preview and the previous source Id
Source numbering (on display) starts at 1 to align with Web/Mobile Client
Supports Push Notifications without having to register/login (5 for Free Version, 250 for Licensed Version / day)
Optimizations in Web/HTTP Sessions
Fixed onvif PTZ to support and try different namespaces (device_service and PTZ)
Forcing RTSP TCP in Onvif even if the camera reports TCP UDP (to avoid artefacts while decoding due to UDP)
Remove Netcam Cloud Regitration / Login (Cloud service doesn’t require registration anymore)
Fixed dynamic url rewriting in NCS Web Client (was triggering page not found on reload)
Fixed Onvif PTZ
Library uses relative paths (to prevent mixing folders)
Fixed empty video files generated when software exits
Continuous PTZ support (no more hardcoded time before sending stop command)
Reworked Connecting / Offline status + in Netcam Studio X and Client
Fixed Library Cleanup tasks stops if an error occuring while cleaning library
Do not store image “No Thumbnail” on HDD anymore if no thumbnbail is available
Settings to allow more than 1 thread per source for decoding and encoding
Support for Onvif PTZ
Removed library indexing on startup to speed-up starting time
Modified Performance Monitor to allow daily reports
Fixes / improvements in http sessions (now need to test to see if it helps handles)
Possiblity to save and review expired web sessions (connection logs)
New settings: save logs to file, save sessions to file
5x5 and 6x6 display modes in web client
Changed avatars icons (didn’t match the layout of the new web client) (and may be broken for user accounts existing before update)
New Network Camera Templates
New Slack Notification plugin
Should address the slow startup (when more than 12 cameras)
Support for Netcam Studio Web Client 2.0
Possibility to save “Start in fullscreen” with the saved default multi-view layout
Fixed problems when streaming from NCS to NCS
Fixed library thumbails not loading in list view
Fixed high cpu usage due to background MJPEG encoding threads remaining active
Fixed popup menu in source selection without any action possible
Fixed interface freezing when connecting to MJPEG stream using JPEG preset
New Network Camera Templates
Added QSV Hardware Acceleration Support
Updated FFMPEG library
Fixed Notification Interval
Always add items to library even if no thumbnail available
Source not always waking up when Motion Detection gets enabled
Removed Background Encoding feature
Fixed Authentication problem when connecting NCS to NCS using MPEG4 Stream
Fixed some files may not be indexed in library due to missing thumbnail (and never cleaned from HDD)
Modified Camera Window to avoid freezing cameras after screen saver
Fixed Minimum Alert Interval was always set to 5 minutes despite the settings value
Fixed cannot create a rule with condition “Disk Full”
Added support for hardware accelerated decoding (DXVA2)*
Fixed timelapse movies may not play properly or fail during encoding
Possibility to have notifications in case of connection lost / Disk full
Added new templates (including 1 template for connecting 2 ncs instances together with audio)
Fixed Mjpeg Stream for Chrome -
Possibility to enable Cloud Features (Send Push Notifications & SMS) [Still Experimental]
Possibiity to disable logging to HDD
Fixed a scenario where NCS may crash in case of timeout while initializing Audio Streams
Timelapses are re-encoded in MPEG4 so that they can be viewed online and on mobile devices
Possibility to limit bandwidth per user
Possibility to define JPEG/MJPEG quality
Fixed some Web Client issues with Internet Explorer 11
New Network Camera Templates
Number of total / enabled devices by user displayed in the User Management screen

Added support for AAC audio decoding
Improved audio decoding and resampling processes
Improved audio sync while recording
Fixed Users with limited access rights cannot view library content
Rewriting of the ONVIF detection module
Asynchronous ONVIF devices detection (Like the Lan and uPNP modules)
New recording mode (Background-encoding) in order to (hopefully) reduce CPU usage
Updated UI Library DevExpress to v14.1
Fixed an issue/limitation with high resolution streams in Netcam Studio Client
New Network Camera Templates

Improved and Fixed some issues in Sync Plugins (Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP)
Fixes related to running NCS on SSL/HTTPS
Fixed Height reported incorrectly in HTML Generator
Updated library for LPR (License plate recognition)
Possibility to select multiple countries for LPR
Fixed an issue of Client freezing for a few seconds when remote audio playback
Adjusted recording settings to lower CPU usage
New Network Cameras Templates

Improved memory management
Added some checks in Blob detection to prevent memory issues
Fixed Authentication Token may grant access to undesired cameras
Fixed Onvif detection when using multiple cameras with the same hardware identifier
Fixed audio playback in Netcam Studio X with local / usb audio

Fixed issues when playing recorded videos through the internal web server
Fixed cannot exit Netcam Studio if viewers are connected

New decoding Mode (Buffered) which is the new default for RTSP Sources, Unbuffered (previously INTERNAL) and VLC still exist as an option
RTSP Streams should be smoother in Netcam Studio Client and X
Added possibility to rotate the source image by 90 or 270 degrees
Added possibility to select the Client refresh rate for Single and Multi View (10,20,25,30 fps)
ONVIF Browser should be able to detect more devices
Fixed missing a library in the installer for ONVIF to work properly
Fixed Audio Detection movies were not added to the library if Motion Detection was not enabled
Fixed Web Client’s gallery issues on Safari iOS
Fixed rule-based recording on Camera B when Motion is detected on Camera A
Various fixes based on crash reports from 1.2.x

New Network Cameras Templates
Login related fixes (when using complex passwords)
Security related fixes

New Timeline view in Web Client
Timelapse feature offers choice between movie or JPEG serie
Due to recurring issues with .NET 4.0, it is not supported anymore therefore Windows XP and 2003 are not supported anymore.
Fixed login problems from mobile app for some upgrading users / new accounts
Fixed a problem in library indexing

Fixed movies playback in web client (not working with some movies)
Fixed issues with overlay variables not refreshing
Fixed screen never going to sleep / power saving modes
Fixed Client to support Big Fonts / 125DPI display
Improved Library Cleanup

Added movies indexing
Fixed Timelapse does not prevent camera from entering sleep mode
Fixed settings may fail saving if some settings exceed 8kb
Fixed problem saving settings from NCS Client when using the Service version
Fixed NCS may crash is the computer is running for more than 21 days
Fixed some RTSP Templates were not working due to incomplete parameters parsing
New Camera Templates
Overally improved decoding / smoothness for FullHD Sources
Reduce CPU usage while recording (recommanded to use the UltraFast preset which is the new default)
Library is now using SqlLite (may take some time on startup first time to convert the library)
Fixed .NET 4.0 compatibility problem (problems while recording or saving settings) [To be confirmed]
Integrated Auto-Updater that checks for version on startup

Extended timeout for connecting using VLC from 15 seconds to 30 seconds
Allows forcing the protocol when using the internal decoder [may fix the artefacts]
Fixed Web Client Library Period selection

Fixed PTZ not displayed in multi-view (now available as option)
Possibility to use keyboard arrows + keys N/M to control PTZ
Fixed source reordering in wrong order when using more than 9 sources
Fixed Motion Detection area editing displays wrong preview when using Netcam Studio Client

Added possibility to switch back to VLC decoding in case of issues with the internal decoder

Fixed recording may be failing with some resolutions
Improved A/V decoding

New Network Camera Templates
Use the MouseWheel for virtual zoom, pan & tilt
Streaming supports multiple sessions in parallel (default 25fps)
Recording by default at 25fps due to performances improvements
Allows scheduling recording + motion detection at the same time
New internal decoder / encoder. VLC or our RTSP Directshow filter no longer required
Fixed wrong version of OpenCV packaged with the 32-bit version (dependency on VC2012 Redist)

New Network Camera Templates
Fixed Remote Image over HTTP for Overlay was broken
Possibility to disable PTZ
Added User Role for Controling Pan & Tilt
Possibility to set the default view to use on Startup
Fixed Server doesn’t start when UNC path is used for the library
Fixed refuses to record some specific resolutions
Fixed possibility to use Mobile application with only the View Roles (Netcam Studio Mobile 3.1.0)
Support for Netcam Studio SmartCam (Beta coming soon)

NOTE: File with user accounts (Moonware.Security.xml) will be overwritten in this version since there are new roles and the previous file is not compatible!

Added Google Drive Synchronization
Fixed Blob Motion Detection discarding some motion
Added HTTPS Support in Smartphone Client / Web Client
Added Support for localization (translations) in Smartphone Client
Fixed Package for installing only Netcam Studio Client

New motion detection modes based on OpenCV (Blob, Face, Pedestrian)
Reduced Motion Detection CPU usage by generating Motion Images / Result only when needed
Fixed Permanant Token not generated when creating new users
Fixed Free Space reporting C:\ driver instead of Library drive

Fixed Motion Detection view not available in Netcam Studio X
Fixed Token timeout in Netcam Studio X
Fixed performance downgrade when using a Motion Area / Mask
Fixed UI freeze for 10-20 seconds when disconnecting a source
Fixed Wrong aspect ratio for Camera Window can occur
Improved Motion Detection performances
Possbility to downscale video resolution for recording
Possibility to select Video profile for recording
Single package available for download which includes Netcam Studio X and Netcam Studio Service

Improved performances (Remote view, Motion Detection)
Possibility to Start/Stop Timelapse using Motion detection
Possibility to set the Frame rate / Better quality for Multi-View on the Client
Fixed a case where connection is not recovered automatically after network connectivity problems
Global Variables: Json parses the full structure and create distinct variables
Netcam Studio X: Massive performance improvements by accessing Video / Audio Streams directly (No Serialization)
New Network Camera Templates
New Network Camera Templates
Upside-down settings also invert PTZ
Fixed Timelapse not listed in Library
Fixed audio detector doesn’t stop recording when event completed
Caching users for better performances
Possibility to change source name
Possibility to reorder sources
Fixed reported issues in Client
Fixed Generated HTML only refreshing the first source
Fixed issues in 64-bit package
Use LibVLC for RTSP, MPEG-4 and ASF Streams if available
Possibility to use RTSP sources in 64-bit version (Install VLC 64-bit)
New Network Camera Templates
Added Support for UNC Path for local library
Fixed ONVIF sources detection
Fixed some Client issues based on the error reports (since ER were enabled in Client since
New RTSP Filter
Improved Audio Decoders (better sound quality)
Faster RTSP Connections
Fixed FTP Upload per source
Improved performances of Motion Detection
Simplified GetCameras Web Service (added GetCamerasAndPlugins)
Simplified Plugin Status flags (only the Enabled flag reports the status)
Added Webservices methods for reordering sources (Not yet available in the client)
New Network Cameras templates
New Mobile Client for Smartphones & Tablets (Netcam Studio Mobile v3.0)
Added Dropbox Synchronization plugin and support for OAuth Services
Update Web Client and Smartphone Client
Fixed thumbnail issue when movies are longer than 1 minute (new movie created)
Fixed authentication issue on local network
Improved thread managements when recording using Motion detection
New Network Cameras templates
Fixed motion detection area not matching input
Fixed Network Camera wizard doesn’t recall existing template
Minor fixes in the web clients
Improved Interface (New features screen, Improved Network Camera Wizard, Actions + Features grouped in Source popup menu)
New Web Client (The existing one for Smartphones / Tablets is still available in /mobile Web folder)
Web Server and Web Services are running on the same port (default 8100, Not needed to open/forward 2 ports anymore)
Audio Streams of the cameras in Windows Client
Web Server can be configured to use HTTPS (requires SSL certificate) in config file (will be accessible trough UI in future versions)
Improved RTSP filter reconnection. Fixed bug of image remaining black after some reconnections
Avoid Wrong Motion Detection alerts due to RTSP source reconnection
Lowered CPU usage for decoding / encoding images by using external library (32-bit version only)
New Network Cameras templates
Fixed Synchronization of timelapse
Fixed Scheduler may miss some actions overlapping on 2 days
Fixed License cannot be entered when running in Service mode
Support for SFTP / FTPS Upload
Automatically created firewall rules
Fixed Recording (Some files were randomly corrupted)
New Mobile Client 2.4 with audio support
Fixed a memory leak when using Token authentication
New audio stream for mobile / web

Future Netcam Studio development plans? New version NCS 1.7.0 is released
What has changed in 1.7.2, are there any release notes?
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