Netcam Studio Crash


I’m testing Netcam Studio and I notice regular crashes of the service (almost once a day).
This error occurend on 1.2.7 and also on the last 1.3.1.

You will find in attachment the Windows Events relted to these crashes

Netcam is running on Windows 7 64bits and all cams are RSTP streams.

Please let me know if you need more informations.



I just forgot to mention that execepted these crashes, the program is working fine

Do you have .net framework 4.5.2 or later installed?

Yes, the 4.5.2 is installed.

You will see the details in the attachment below :

Good, that was the easy part ;). A search gives that this problem occur with several other programs also that use the .net framework so probably not only a problem for NCS. It is a lot of forums debating this problem for windows 7. It seems to be an installation problem of the .net framework 4. I am not the expert on this so I hope that Admin can have a look also. Many people suggests to remove the framework and reinstall it again since windows update can create some problem. I am not the expert, but I would do that first.

I removed the .net framework, rebooted the computer and reinstalled the last 4.6.1 version.

I’ll see if it solves the problem.

The crash occurs in the OpenCV library so it’s related to the motion detection.

The mode i suppose Blob since it’s the only one using OpenCV that is still available, i’ll make a few tests here to see if I can reproduce…

How many cameras are using this detection mode, which interval and which resolution ?

You’r right, I use blob detection because it’s the best parameter I found to avoid false positive, especially on night vision cameras with low resolution (I have 5 cameras).

You will find in attachment the parameters I’m using.

What’s the memory usage of the app and do you use the 64-bit version ?

Does it get near or above 1GB of ram at some point?

I’m using the 64 bits version and the service is only using 250 MB of RAM (with no peak as far as I can see in our monitoring system). The CPU is usually between 5 and 10% (Core i3-3220, 4GB RAM)

I didn’t find anything suspect around the threads management and object lock for the blob detector.

I have however added some additional verifications before sending the data to process to OpenCV, not sure it will help but if you have a chance, please give a try to this version (1.3.2 dev) and report back if it helps or if you still have the problems:

Please also tell us if you use the default BUFFERED mode for decoding or if you have switched to VLC decoding

I installed the dev version.

I also checked and it seems that I use the BUFFERED mode. Can you confirm me that this must be configured here :

Yes this is the correct place to look (but if it’s changed you need to reconnect sources or restart ncs).

Still didn’t manage to reproduce the problem so far…

After this update I have the same problem with .Net Runtime Event 1026 and the Service stops:

Normally nothing related to audio encoding has changed so i’m not sure it’s related (+ it’s not the same error that has been reported about OpenCV just in both cases the service stops).

Is it the camera that you already had audio related issues with ?

Nope. This is a Logitech HD Webcam C270 that i run both audio and motion detection on. It was OK up to NCS 1.3.1.

In case of Netcam Studio crash, please reproduce the problem with Netcam Studio X so that you can submit a crash report.

For audio I have updated one library that deals with audio, I will see if I find anything suspicious around this but strange it has any impact. Do you have an idea of the audio format provided by this Logitech Camera (Format, Bitrate, Channels, …) ?

I have tried a Logitech Orbit and it’s fine for both Audio Streaming and Audio Recording.

Packages on dropbox have been refreshed (again), please see if it helps if not I will really need:

  1. Reproduce with Netcam Studio X and send the crash report
  2. Explain when it happens (on recording or on audio playback through browser which are my 2 best guesses)

Ok, thank you. I’ll try that if the crash occurs again.