Netcam Studio is extremely slow!

Hi, I have had Netcam Studio for several years and has been satisfied but in the last months the performance has been extremely slow the cameras hanging and the service has not been able to be stopped, had to restart computer each time to solve the problem. See attached pictures for details.

Prosessor AMD Athlon™ Dual Core Processor 5200B 2.70 GHz
Installert RAM 5,00 GB (4,73 GB brukbar)
Systemtype 64-biters operativsystem, x64-basert prosessor

Versjon Windows 10 Pro
Versjon 21H2
Installert den ‎04.‎05.‎2021
Operativsystembygg 19044.2728
Opplevelse Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4190.0

Netcam Studio version: Netcam Studio X(x64) v
The system has 4 Ip cameras.
How do I fix this?


Hi Alf,
That can be many things and probably also a Windows update that messed things up. Usually the fastest way to get back on track is to do a clean installatio. More info here How to make a clean installation of Netcam Studio


Ok, will try that as soon as possible. Thanks for the tip.