Netcam Studio License with WebcamXP

Will netcam studio license let you also use Webcam XP

You can have them installed at the same time, but they use different licenses. So no.

Thanks…that’s what I thought…Unfortunately I have a large stock of cameras and some of them I just cant get to work with studio…the old webcam xp had more camera profiles which have since been eliminated.

Yah, thats really anoyong. That should actually not be the case as all cams from webcamxp should be in NCS. It is this Shenzhen and another one that l found so I have compare the oldest one with NCS and update.
Thanks for bringiing this to my attention. I hope any of the alternatives work in the meantime.

Thank you for the reply…I will give them a try. I may have to reinstall my server on another computer and don’t want to loose all of the settings I have so far…Where is the information saved.

I have 15 cameras and so far have 11 up and running thanks to you.

That’s promissing! For NCS read this

Where are the camera settings saved …what file?

Camera settings are in the file Server. It is an XML file that you can open and read. However, if you use a template that info is encrypted. I recommend you to backup all the files. Folders not necessary.