Netcam Studio no longer remotely accessible


Starting this morning I am unable to stream my webcam. I was already having everything set up correctly with a static IP and port forwarding and I was using the service for a short while but this morning it just stopped working. I checked, of course, the IP settings, uninstalled the server from my PC and then reinstalled, I uninstalled, cleared cache from my smartphone and then reinstalled the app, I tried reaching my server from an online browser on different networks but it is just not reachable. There is no username and password issue, I just cannot reach the server. I have an over the average high speed connection and this is absolutely no the cause. The router and PC have, of course, been restarted as well.

Are you experiencing any sort of issue right now?

Here’s an error message I receive when trying to connect from the PC Netcam Studio Client. I forgot to mention that I use the 64-bit version of the server. Thank you.

Apparently, as a new user, I am not allowed to post pics.

Error during login: There was no endpoint listening at http://myip:8100/Soap? that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for more details.

Run Netcam Studio X (not the service version) and check what it displays while starting the server. Probably something like port 8100 already in use and that it’s unable to initialize properly.

There was an error saying that access to …Soap was denied. Reinstalled the entire software in the Windows partition again. I don’t receive the error anymore but I still cannot connect.

I hope I’ll be able to fix it. Nothing realy changed since yesterday when it was working fine.

Thanks a lot for your help. I’m opened to other suggestions.

Here’s a screenshot of the activity logs as soon as the server Netcam Studio X runs. I cannot upload or even share links to pics so please put toghether the two link parts bellow. I hope I am not breaking any rules. I am just trying to get some help…somehow.

http://i58.tinypic .com/2zths2r.jpg

Thanks again.

LE: Another important detail. No antivirus or firewall is in the middle.

It seems to start and initialize properly.

if you open a browser and browse to http://localhost:8100 can you access to it ?

Using Netcam Studio X can you add sources and view sources and does it work properly ?

Running Netcam Studio Client on the PC does connect properly ?

From another computer on the network ?

From computers over internet ?

Anyway the software is probably running ok, it’s just the access that it blocked at some level (computer, router or isp).

Really verify again the static ip / port forwarding thing. Ensure that no other device on the network may try to use the same ip as the computer and try to see if portforwaring to something else on that computer works.

After looking more into it I found out that I was assigned an IPv6 address by my ISP and they told me over the phone, here in Germany, that port forwarding will be absolutely no longer possible and there is no way for me to go back to IPv6.

Well, this is crap…not able to open ports is just crap and the idea of using VPN just for some ports openings does not seem so bright to me.

I don’t suppose there is any other option. I’m screwed, right?


maybe you can try this. I found i yesterday, but did not try it.

Workshop IPv6 IPv4 german

Glasfaseranschluss erreichbar machen

I hope, this may help.

One of the reason why you cannot forward ports isn’t just because each device now has his own ipv6 address on internet (and therefore forwarding is not required anymore) ?

I found that the Netcam service was not runnning on my server…

Go to Administrative Tools->Services and look for the “Netcam Studio Server” service. My Startup Type was set to “Manual” start up type. It would be good to set this to “Automatic”

  1. Right click on the service
  2. Choose Properties
  3. Set startup type to Automatic
  4. Select OK
  5. Right click on the service again and select “Start”

Refresh the services window and it’s status should change to “Running”

Try to log into Netcam Studio again.