Netcam Studio not connecting to Szsinocam cameras


I have 3 of the above camera and they have been working fine with this software for over a year. I reinstalled my operating system and now cannot get Studio to see the camera’s.
I know all the ports they use and can see them on Internet Explorer and using ONVIF with Tinycam pro on my android phone.
I now have the latest moonware software so that has changed. Using the ONVIF browse function does not locate them. I am pretty sure that was all I used when first intalled these cameras a year ago. I remember how easy the installation was.
I think I am overlooking something simple, can anyone help?


I recommend you to make a clean installation of Netcam. Do the following:
-start the installation program of NCS and select remove.
-go to C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server
-copy the Lic.dat to a safe place since that contains the licensing information.
-if you have recordings that you want to keep, keep the Library folder.
-delete all (the rest).
-install NCS again and add the cameras.
-copy back Lic.dat and restart NCS.



Thanks Henrik. Will try that but not to hopeful as I have already tried installing a clean C drive image and then a clean NCS but that made no difference.
Is there anyway I can simply put the camera ip and ONVIF port etc into NCS?
Is the older version of NCS still around? It is a long shot but that version worked straight away.



Hi Ron,
Hm, computers computers. When you add a camera use the tab for ONVIF Source. In the top filed you can enter IP:port/xxxx if you have that string.
What camera models is it?


They are Szsinocam 1080p, not in the list of cameras. the LAN ip for one is and the ONVIF port is 8080. (That works fine on TinyCam Pro).
The HTTP port is 5555 and that works using internet explorer.
If I use devise browser on NCS it picks up the ip and correct Mac address for device type LAN but nothing for device type ONVIF.


Is it this camera

In the onvif tab test
If the camera is connected with wifi can sometimes cause problems for onvif.


Yes that is the cam or very similar. I have tried that but when I click get profiles nothing happens.
I am using wi fi. Perhaps I need to take one down and connect direct to router just to see if that works.


Download ONVIF Device Manager and see if it connects.


That is another issue. I tried that but get the “must be installed on a local drive” error message. This is a known problem with windows installers and adminstrative rights on some Windows 7 machines.
I will try on another computer on Windows 10 and see if that connects. Certainly my android phones connect no problem.


It is important to install it on the same computer as Netcam Studio to find out where the problem is.
I assume Netcam Studio is installed under an account with administrative rights.


Yes it is. When I browse the LAN NCS picks them up. But it cannot connect to them using the HTTP port.
If I browse for ONVIF devices nothing shows.If I put the IP and ONVIF ports into NCS it cannot connect.

TinyCam Pro on my old android tablet displays them fine using generic ONVIF so I think I will just use that. Thanks very much for trying to help.


No no we don´t give up that easy :smile:
I did some search and found the generic onvif http URL that most likely TinyCam use. It is
login as used to the camera.

You can also use the tab for Custom URL.
Set stream type to rtsp_tcp or rtsp_udp
Address is:

If the camera connects to ONVIF Device Manager you can find the rtsp://xxxxx also there.

If that do not help I can see if I can solve this if you give me access to the computer with TeamViewer. Now it´s war :smile:



Excellent it is working. The onvif url is
I assume /devices and /device_service is the same. This works with three different szsinocam cameras so would probably work for them all.
I loaded up the 32bit software on an oldl windows 10 tablet and it picked up the cameras straight away with no help from me. The 64bit desktop needed the custom URL.
Many thanks


Interesting info about the 32/64-bit version. It should´t be any difference, but … :slight_smile:
Thanks for the report and good luck!