Netcam studio not fundtioning after Windows Update (again)

This morning the PC on which I run my weather station and netcam downloaded Windows updates. This caused Netcam Studio to hang. I restarted the PC to apply the Windows updates and now, although Netcam Studio launches it does not display my source in Live View. A remote connection attempt from another PC returns a connection failed screen.

The netcam studio logs show no warnings or critical entries, and show a connection from my other PC via the web page. I have disconnected the source camera and reconnected it. It appears in Sources, but when I select it as a source or try to view it in netcam the screen is black with no camera feed at all.

I am getting really disappointed with NetCam Studio, This is the second time I have had serious failures after Windows Updates. Your product should be much mush more resilient to updates to the OS.

I am using version which was WORKING PERFECTLY until this morning. I don;t want to upgrade as previous experience showed the later versions to be too resource-hungry and does exactly what I need.

Very disapointed.

Hi Mike,
I would certainly be disappointed as well with all these problems. However, there are many of us running NCS and have the regular windows updates with no problems so something is playing some tricks on us on your local computer. Last time this happened you were running version 156 and now you are running 1372. If we are going to search for problems it will be on the last official version which is 161. I am not sure how you connect the camera, but id you have the URL test it with VLC and see how it works.
I am also very sensitive to how much cpu load ncs consumes and we have done a lot of fine tuning and I am very happy with ncs 161. If you run win10 with only 1 camera and are sensitive to resources what cpu is it, how much ram, what camera is it, … I am asking because this behavior is a little odd.


Similar issue on 1.6.1, just updated OS patches (Server 2012 R2) and now it says my license is invalid for more than 2 sources. Has been an issue for me since 1.3. Thought 1.5 had fixed this issue of losing licensing.

You can re-license 3 times then it is blocked due to security. Just send a message with information to support from here and the license will be released again.

Stopping the server service and opening on console seems to of fixed the licensing issue. Shutdown the local instance and restarted the service and the clients now report license for 16 cameras.

Windows OS patching seems to be an issue for netcam, the only time I seem to have issues is during the patch cycle.

Just a question that might help us in this. Did you use Virtual Machines when this licensing problem occurred?

Good point, my Netcam server is hosted on a WS2012-R2 VM (running on a physical WS2012-R2 Hyper-V cluster).

Thanks! We have had problems with licensing and VM before so this explains it. I am running a VM also, but only NCS X and do not see this, but before next update I will change to service mode.