Netcam studio not starting up after update

I updated from 1.7.2 to 1.9.2. It worked for a day, and than it didn’t. I should have saved the older copy so I could go back, but I didn’t…

Below a copy of the startup log:

I have uninstalled and re installed, but it just won’t start. Any options here?

The window updates I can uninstall are all of before my netcam update.

Going from 172 to 192 is a big step so I suggest a clean installation How to make a clean installation of Netcam Studio
First use s program like Revo uninstaller free version that also cleans the Registry.
Make sure the prerequisites are installed, see download page. Then install version 192.

I did a clean install, but before I copied the files
and saved them somewere else

After the install, I renamed the 4 new files with the extension .bak and copied the old files back.

The same problem happened. Then I deleted the Netcam.Security.xml and placed Netcam.Security.xml.bak back to the original name. After this I was able to start it up, I only had to add all the users back. I guess the Netcam.Security file got somehow corupted…

What I also nticed that the “Logs” folder had grown to 40.9GB since 2018. Is there somewere a purge button or do you have to delete the logs manualy?

Good job! You need to delete the logs manually. In the Settings you can turn them off if you don´t need them. It´s on the list to add a retention time.