NetCam Studio - Problem adding sources of same make and model (USB web cam)

I’m evaluating the free version before I buy but having an issue. I have two Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000 usb web cams. Both cameras show up in the add camera dialog box, but they both show the same video feed. Its almost like NetCamStudio cannot distinguish between the two cameras because they have the same name of “LifeCam VX-5000”. Both web cams are given the same name upon install of the camera. Any ideas on how to get both cameras working with NetCamStudio? I’m using the latest version of NetCam Studio X (x64) v1.3.7.2 on Windows 10 Pro desktop.

This is known problem and it actually related to the USB bus. If you have 2 cameras from the same manufacturer on the same USB bus it is difficult to separate them since they have the same identification parameters. The experience in the forum is that it can be solved if the cams can be separated using a USB3 and a USB2 connection. If that do not work a separate USB card usually solves the problem. Also, some USB cams only work with the 32-bit version of NCS so you can test that also. In the forum and you have several discussion about this issue.

Yes, but

  1. Windows assigns unique Device Instance IDs. Netcam should be able to distinguish on this basis. Sighthound is able to on the same setup. Even old Vitamin D is able to on the same setup. So it is not a hardware issue or windows issue, it’s a Netcam Studio software issue.

  2. Netcam Studio does not recognize different Friendly Names modified via Registry modification. So for example, I’ve changed the Friendly names in the registry using the Device Instance IDs to locate the Windows camera settings to Webcam 1 and Webcam 2 and Netcam Studio still shows the original name even after reloading Netcam Studio. Selecting the different USB2.0 PC Camera results in the same stream like the OP. Is there a way to change this behavior?

Genius NVR both paid and community is also able to select multiple cameras with the same name. Same box and set of cameras that Netcam studio doesn’t work with. Same with Contaware (though I don’t recommend Contaware, horrible playback, get what you pay for).

If it is only USB cams you are using I recommend WebcamXP/7 since they focus on that. However, IP cams can also be added using templates or the Universal Source filter. NCS is rewritten and focus on IP cameras. USB cams can also be added. If there are several cams of the same model users have solved that by adding an external USB card.