Netcam Studio Server wont start


After the last Windows 10 update carried out yesterday, my Netcam Studio server 64 will no longer start. Although nothing has changed in ‘services’ and the Netcam service is still set to start automatically (delayed) which has always worked just fine, the service now shows as “stopped”. If I attempt to restart it manually, it changes briefly to “running”, then just reverts back to “stopped”. Any thoughts on how to get it back operating correctly ?


Windows update can generate problems sometimes. Uninstall the latest updates. It can be the cumulative update or the update of the framework. Check after uninstall that NCS works. Stop NCS and install update again.
Also start Netcam Studio X, blue icon, since that will give more information about the problem.

Same happened to me just a couple of days ago. What version are you on? I was on Netcam v1.9.1 and updating to v1.9.2 fixed it for me.