Netcam Studio Smart Camera : New Mobile App

We are pleased to announce this new mobile application for your smartphones.

Netcam Studio Smart Camera transforms your smartphone into a Network Camera. You can of course connect it in Netcam Studio and webcamXP but it can also be viewed directly by any other device running the application connected on the same wifi.

The best part is that it’s free and doesn’t ask you to register an account to use it. You can even mix the devices (Stream from an Android to an iOS device or vice-versa).

Hurry up to give it a try and let us know what you think…



Netcam Studio Smart Camera for Android
Netcam Studio Smart Camera for iOS


Tried this on my Galaxy S3. Work great. How do I adjust the resolution? It came up as 800x480. Would like to try for something bigger. Additionally, can you enable the microphone on the phone as well so you can trigger on sound as well as motion? Thanks.

At this stage, the Android version doesn’t provide possibility to change resolution or audio support.

Resolution change shouldn’t be too complicated since it works for the iOS version, audio is a different story and much more work but we hope to have it in the future.

iOS version was finally approved and released

After update to 3.1.0 on iPhone 4/IOS 7.1.2. I can only view live-video in portrait mode. Landscape doesn’t work anymore. Only recorded vid’s go landscape. Before the update everything worked fine.

Edit: same problem on iPhone 5/IOS 8.1.3. Please fix!

Known issue (for Netcam Studio Mobile) that will be fixed in next release. Smart Camera is a different app.

Thanks for reply (and fix of course) and sorry for posting this in wrong place. Feel free to (re-)move my post.

Thanks for this app.
But I can’t get it to work on Samsung S4 Active. Android 5.0.1.
I can start the “Camera Server” but when trying to access it with the client or from the Netcam Studio in the local LAN it wont show a picture at all.

I’m going to add this post here and in the suggestions:

There should be a way to toggle IP Addresses for the video server. Ideally, it would be nice to have a drop down menu for the Server field. Then I could choose the local LAN IP or the remote WAN IP or DDNS name.

This would be helpful because I would want to use the Local IP address when I’m at home, and then I would want to use the WAN IP address or DDNS name when I’m away from home. Currently, I’m left with trying to remember my remote IP address or local security server IP address.