Netcam Studio support for Hikvision PTZ camera DS-2DE3304W-DE

Recently I contacted Netcam Studio support with my problem and got the answer to go here to the community and comment on the problem.
My previous conversation was as followed:
Before I decided me to buy the 16 camera license, with the Netcam Studio FREE version, I tested my Hikvision DS-2DE3304W-DE dome camera successfully with all its functions.
I do not remember how I managed it, to get the full PTZ operation control for this camera with Netcam Studio. At least this was the reason for me to decide to buy the license for the software.
I do not know if it is related to the update of the software, at least I cannot use the PTZ functions of the camera any more at the moment.
I tried to cleare and redefine the camera many times. I made countless attempts, but all attempts were unsuccessful.
In the forum, the Hikvision camera is also discussed once, but there I did not find an idea for my PTZ control problem. This functions perfectly worked before licensing/updating ?!
If I use the thinyCAM APP for the Android phone and choose the manufacturer “Hikvision” and the replacement camera “DS-7208HGHI-SH”, then I can control and operate my dome camera “DS-2DE3304W-DE” wonderfully with all its PTZ functions, no problem.
I hope you have an idea or a solution for me, to get back the PTZ control for my camera on Netcam Studio.
Hello Luiza,
I have spend some days trying to solve the problem and by and by I repeated tries for a possible solution and worked like in a circle.
But now, I think, it is time to request the support. My only idea at the time is, to wait and hope, that Netcam Studio supports this model from Hikvision officially, so that I can select it directly from the camera list.
The camera model is a current and prittily good camera from Hikvision, not expensive and easy to get, therefore I think, by and by customers could also decide themselfes for that model and would be happy to see then, that the support is given by Netcam Studio. As I mentioned in the first request writing, the PTZ control problem is known and already discussed in the forum. Other people currently do have the same problem with it, but till now, no real solution is offered.
I hope you can help me. I can wait for it and do not nead a very rapid solution…
Thank you for your assistence.

Hi there!
Since it worked before licensing we must have it to work after! Here are some things for you to check.
1.The camera is not in the list of predefined templates so did you use the template for another model?
2.You mention an upgrade. Which was the earlier version and it the current version 1.6.2?
3.The camera support the ONVIF standard so when you add the camera to NCS you use the tab for ONVIF Source. There are so many cameras on the market today so it is impossible to have templates for them all. Therefore, both manufacturers and we use the standard ONVIF. So if the camera support ONVIF correct it should be no problem to add it to NCS.
4.To make the PTZ controls visible in NCS you need to first enable them in the checkbox if you use a predefined template. Second go to Settings -> Client Settings and enable the Show PTZ in multi-view.

That’s what I have for the moment,

Hi Henrik,

As you said, it should work afterwards, but I have spend soo much time for trieing, I am empty at the time.

The video information was always ok, but the PTZ controll, was not given any more.

I started with the current free version some weeks ago. I downloaded the software from the web page ( Download Netcam Studio 1.6.1 (64-bit)).

I think, in the early time, I finally got it work with ONVIF, because the modell was not selectable from the camera list and in the ONVIF tab, there was written something like:


With this configuration, the video is ok, but the PTZ control is my problem. This control is not given any more!

„Show PTZ in multi-view“ was always enabled in the „Client settings“ tab. And with some tries changing the camera configuration, I can make the PTZ control visible too, but it does not work any more, no way?!



Hi Leo,
Thanks for additional information.
Have you only been working with the NCS version 1.6.1 and no earlier version?
Yes, this PTZ and ONVIF is tricky, unfortunately.
I suggest we go back and start from the beginning if something somewhere have gone wrong at some stage. So do the following:

  1. Do a clean installation of NCS. Start the NCS installation program and select Remove. That will leave configuration files that we also need to remove.
  2. Go to C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server and delete everything. If you have any important recordings in the Library make a backup of them.
  3. Go to C:\Program Files\Netcam Studio - 64-bit . If anything left in this folder delete it.
  4. Start the NCS installation program again and install NCS. Do NOT do the licensing procedure yet.
  5. Add the Hikvision camera with ONVIF.
  6. Now we are hoping for the best.

Good luck,

Hi Henrik,

Sorry that I did not answer till now, but in the mean time, I was two weeks in the hospital because of a doubble bypass operation on my hart.

I only want to tell you, that I tried do reset and reinstall the programm the way you suggested, but unfortunately without success.

At the moment I am not so happy to spend too much time with it. I am pretty weak and the existing probl m with my camery is not so important for me at te moment.

I would like to simply wait and at a later time. In the future I am shure with an update it will work again.

Thank you for your aid.



Hi Leo,
Thanks for information and I am happy that you are at home again and the recovery is going in the right direction.
Sorry that it did not work the easy way. The PTZ don’t always cooperate as we want.
However, continue to recover and when you are ready you know where to find me.