Netcam Studio Web Live Multiview

Maybe you already answered this question but I am looking for the way to save the format of the cameras schema in the Live Web Multiview.
Every time I change to the gallery and return back or I login to the web interface I have to change the default schema (6 cameras) to be able to see the 12 cameras that I have.
Maybe there is a way to do it changing the source code?

I Gabriel,
Yes, I agree it would be nice to change to another default. The web client is completely rewritten so there might be new possibilities open for savings. Our Master in programming @Steve has to give us his verdict in this.

It should be easy to save the last used view mode and first camera so that multi-view remains in the state it was the previous time.

Excellent. We are looking forward to this :slight_smile:

Ok, great! Thanks!