Netcam Studio X : crash at startup



I’m a registered user of WebcamXP Pro since a long time.
I’d like to test Netcam Studio, so I installed the soft on my PC (W10 Prox64 v1809 FR-CA).
Netcam Studio X crash at startup :

14:53:03.996 - MoonwareCore (H:706 - M:81.13MB)
Userdata Folder : C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server
14:53:04.091 - ConsoleHost.StartServer (H:117 - M:82.11MB)
Exception occured in startServer
Exception detail:Object reference is not defined to an object instance (translated from french)

Any idea ? My PC is up-to-date, rebooted, etc…


Go to the Task Manager and see if you have an instance of NCS already running. If so end that.
Start NCS again.