Netcam Studio X


I’m using “Studio X” and because I’m using a reverse proxy with security anyway I disabled the security in the NetcamStudioX.exe.config via

This works well when I use the web interface of netcamstudio but not for the NetcamStudioX.exe
When security is “off” then I’m not able to change a setting (e.g. switch motion detection on/off). Also the library shows nothing.
Via the web interface the library shows everything like it should.

Another strangething (not related to security) is that the order of the cameras in the grid is wrong in the NetcamStudioX.exe.
The grid in the web interface shows the right order as well as when I click on “source ordering” in NetcamStudioX.exe.

I’m using version
Where can I find version 1.8.5?
The download is only 1.8.1


Hi Erik,
Netcam Studio 1.8.5 is not available yet. Developers were a little too eager to fill in the Change log. Release date is not set yet.

Order of the cameras can be changed here

For the security issues check that the logged in User is allowed or not to do these changes. I am not sure what you mean by security is off. Please show me a setting for that so I can recreate the situation.


Hi Henrik,

thanks for the reply.

I just saw that the line where I switched the security off is not shown in my first post
<add key="BypassSecurity" value="true" />

Thanks for the screenshot. This works fine
Looks like I’m getting old…

The whole new version seems to be much more responsive.
Good work!


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Hi Henrik,

were you able to replicate my problem when the security is changed?


Hi Erik,
Sorry, I misunderstood. I am really not sure about the intention of BypassSecurity so I have to forward this to developers.

Update:A word from developer:
"Bypass security disables security as web service level so it’s possible to call all methods of the API without being authenticated (anonymous access).

Now it’s possible yes that in some cases, some functionalities are still doing checks related to security since this is mainly for development purpose and to easily disable all the security checks. It has never really been designed with the intention of users to disable it."

In other words, nothing will be changed.

Thanks for the info.
Since the web interface is doing what I want I can live with that.

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