Netcam v1.9.5.0 two identical webcams - no go

I have two Microsoft Lifecam Studio usb-webcams. When both are connected, only one will show, the other one shows gray in the interface. I have tried everything: different usb ports, connecting one cam first, quit Netcam, connect the second one, try again - nothing. Tried this on another computer - same result.
I have seen mentioning the same kind of problems in earlier topics. Looks like Netcam cannot handle the same driver for more than one cam.
WebcamXP has no problem with this - both cams show without a problem.

Netcam Studio focus on IP cameras and therefore usb cams comes second. Your observation is correct. To solve this using drivers with different versions can work. Also a generic driver for one of the usb cams usually works. If usb cams are the main sources use WebcamXP.

Hi Henrik,
That’s a pity, I wanted to combine my two webcams and two ip cams into Netcam. If this works in WebcamXP it surely should work in Netcam…
I will experiment with different drivers but I hope this bug will be crushed in a new version.

It´s not a bug and it will not be changed. The softwares are developed in different programming languages.

Hmm, pity, that’s a bummer…