Netcam will not recognize DCS-2230 internal mic, no audio recording


I have a DCS-2230 with an internal mic, Netcam will not recognize it.

Running Netcam Studio X v1.6.1.0 on a Win7 64bit Dell Inspron i5.

Below are the settings from within the camera itself.


Hi Steve,
According to specs it support the ONVIF standard, but …I suggest the following:
1.update firmware in the camera snd test again with onvif source.
2.D-link cams are quite standardized when it comes to url so one of these URL’s will work. Add the camera using the tab Custum Source. Set stream type to rtsp_tcp. In address test:

The 1 corresponds to profile 1 above. This will give you video and audio.

3.There is also a predefined template for that camera.

Good luck,