NetCame Studio files are corrupted and can't playback from 8TB USB SSD

I just did a fresh install to see if it helped but no, In the library some of the files are missing thumbnails but even those that have are not able to playback. It was working fine on previous install until one day after I changed the storage from 3.5 HDD to a USB 8TB SSD - would there be anything here causing issues?

Change back and see how it goes. Why store on an USB SSD? That´s not the standard way. Either internal or NAS.

was the cheapest option really. The PC I am using for Netcam studio and my home media server is a small form Dell desktop and I can’t add an addition drive to it. I was using an USB external 3.5 HDD and it worked fine, it was just a bit noisy and probably not great for the drive to run so I though SSD would be better. That’s the only reason. I am new to Netcam studio - but it is great software!

So it works back on the external HDD. I am just curious if the settings or speed of the drive or size etc may be the issue as in my mind the external HDD or SSD are both USB devices s essentially the same. Also the SSD should be more stable and quicker. there seemed to be an issue when the files were played ether from the app or the browser as the name at the top of VLC changed to show and authorisation token and occasionally asked me to log in? - Any ideas?

Maybe a security issue since asked you to login. NCS must run under an account with admin rights. Make also sure that NCS have full access to the disk. Only store the Library on the USB disk.