Netcamstudio 1.2.5: will not install, Latest version already installed



Just tried to install 1.2.5, it seems netcamstudio thinks 1.2.5 is already installed, when I have version 1.2.0RC installed… I know I could remove/uninstall the RC version, but this is still a bug/issue



Move the pointer over the 64bit version and it tells me that it is version 1.1.9. Well guys, rather trivial I would say ;). 32bit is ok.


Yes, 32bit version appear to be current 1.2.5. but 64bit version install is 1.9.0


Will verify and fix right now if confirmed. Thanks for reporting.


Both packages were corresponding to 1.2.5 however on Amazon S3 where the packages are hosted, it takes some time to replicate to all the mirrors servers.

If after retrying you still get 1.1.9, please use this direct link (main repository) and it should be fine: