NetCamStudio Client Crashes - Report

Hi, now if i open the client app it crashes:

Windows client or web client, crashes how?
What is ort-file?

Hi, on the windows machine (were the server runs)

If i try to Start the client software.

The file is created after 2 failed trys to send the error report

Explain better.
Is NCS X running, blue icon, and then you try to start the windows client, red icon?
If you run the web client in the browser is that working?
“The file is created after 2 failed trys to send the error report”. Don´t know what that is.

the server is running via “services.msc”
Automatic start:

but even if i start manualy (Blue App)
the client (red app) wont start:

Probably some files are damaged. Start installation program and select Remove. Install again. Configuration and Licensing should not be affected by here.

same issue, in browser it works, (webinterface)

but anyway thank you :wink:

Ok, it´s the Windows client that is not working. I have seen this before and for some reason it is solved here.
Go to (your corresponding user account)
Go through each folder and delete all what has to do with Moonware and Moonware_Studios.
Do a Remove and Install again and test.
Restart the computer as well.

nice, it worked perfectly:

just removed the clinet file, without reinstalling ,

thank you a lot

Wow, I cross my fingers :slightly_smiling_face:
I have to figure out what’s the problem in there.
Good luck!

Again Thank You! :heart: