Netcamstudio Client with swindows autostart an fullscreen

i have 3 clients and alle are Win 10 Tablet PC.
And wenn i restart the PC the Netcam Studio Client 1.6.0 shut Autostart.
I have taken an link necam…lnk file in the %Userprofile%\appdata\roaming\microsfot\windows\startup\ path !
Now wenn windows starts the user have an autologon netcamstudio ist starting, but not in Fullcreen mode !
I have 2 Netcam Tasks running and they are in the Taskbar so i have to touch the ikon to get it on the screen.
Wy dos netcam not start in fullscreen ? Any commandline switch?

Ho Norbert,
I am not sure why you have 2 NCS Tasks running in the Taskbar? Do you run both the NCS X and the NCS client at the same time?
To run in full screen at start you first must enable that in the NCS Settings. It also seems to be a thing when Windows is in Tablet mode you will always have the start screen. I found this if it helps