NetcamStudio Windows OS global system events



This question is obviously for @Steve and has nothing to do with IP Cams or NCS features themselves but is related to NCS.

I was working on SetWinEvenHook WinAPI regarding some tool that record time spent on applications when they are foreground.

My app is listening to global System Events thru SetWinEventHook API and each time a user click on an application, app comeforeground and generate 2 events EVENT_SYSTEM_FOREGROUND followed by SYSTEM_EVENT_FOCUS.

When running NetCamStudio Server and Client on Win 7 no problem those events trigger that right way.

But on Win10 NCS Server do not trigger SYSTEM_EVENT_FOREGROUND at all, only SYSTEM_EVENT_FOCUS (but it do it anyway when you move mouse over it’s window whenever it’s not selected (icons react on MouseOver whenever its Window is on background of other application) and for the NCS Client it’s heratic and you don’t get any of those events but sometimes they come after you click on an other application, that’s weird, I tested many other apps without this behavior.

For NCS Client I thought it was may be because of some bottleneck inside app Event queue so I deactivated all cameras but still same behavior.

I don’t expect you have an explanation, just wanted to share this behavior.


Probably a .net thing. I don’t think I do anything “manually” with the events in Netcam Studio.

In webcamXP it was the case and it had a lot of its own but in Netcam Studio we didn’t had to and .net deals with it by itself.


Yes that what I had in mind too because all other apps I tested were not .NET so I tested with another .NET app (Paint.NET) and exact same behavior on Win10 (not tested Win8) and all fine on Win7, so Win10 + .NET apps have different unexpected behavior regarding Global System Events, now I can proceed without focusing specifically on NCS.