New camera from China


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I have a new camera made in China 2MPix : Hi3516C. whether it will be possible to link her to the NETCam program Studio?


Hi Andrzej and welcome to the forum!
I have good experience of cameras from China so it is most likely that the camera can be linked to Netcam Studio. To help you I must have mor information about how to communicate between the camera and NCS. The Hi3516C is the model number, but do you a name of the camera also? Do you have a manual to the camera? I am very interested to know about RTSP which is how to communicate with the cam and also about the video. Sometimes in the configuration of the cameras you can get information about this. Do you have a link to a web site with this camera? Can I connect to the camera from my place?



The camera I bought an attempt to work extra. The image is perfect.
I can give you access to the camera. I will send you access data as you give me your personal mail. Email me at the address:
I do not want to give the data to the camera in public. I will be grateful for your help
I also have a problem with the latest version of NetCam 1.3.5. I have to restart the program at 24 he stops working website. The program itself shows the image from the cameras but the internet does not work


Hi again!
I just sent you a private message where you can give med camera information.

According to the version 1.3.5, do the windows client work and it is only the web client that stops working?



Thank you for the older version. Now everything is OK so it is a problem with the newer version to 100%.
When it comes to camera from China is like most, please add it to the program;-)
Cool camera, good price, then you need to install it in a cool place;-)
Thank you for your help and I look forward to the results;-)


Thanks for letting us know about this. I will take this to our developers.
Yes, I will do a template. Can you give me the rtsp that you use so I can add it to the template.


I do not know what has RTSP camera. In these I have to now is camera Greandsteram. There’s RTSP port 2000


In tab Custom URL you use rtsp://xxx to connect to the camera. Can you write that




And how there with my camera? I can already block access to it?
There is a chance that it will be added to the program?


My plan was to add this camera as a Template in NCS. The rtsp looks like this

I am only interested in the xxxxxxxxx
Can you give me that?


I have a problem to connect to the RTSP. I do not know what I’m doing wrong. I read a web and did as instructed and nothing;-(
I found this site:

Maybe you will redirect RTSP port 554 and see for yourself?


There are some suggestion out there and this one seems to work
Stream Type is rtsp_tcp

If you give me access to port 554 I can test this.


Port 554 is redirected. Please check in your free time and let me know when I have to disable ports



I also have a new camera from China and can not seem to get it to work. The manufacturer is Huisun. So far it has been a great camera, but I can not get it set up in net studio. Here is more information about the camera. Any help would be most appreciated.


Hi Killroy ;). That “so far” can be very helpful. Please, tell me more about that! Also what you have tested in Netcam studio. These Chinese cams have exploded on the market and have very good image quality and can do a lot of interesting things. However, they are lousy in documentation how to communicate with their cameras.

Some searching gives that this might work.
Add cam as Custom URL. Set Stream type to rtsp_tcp. Use this URL

The last /1 can also be /101

Please, report back how it goes.


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Hello Henrik
The camera operates at this address for VLC:
rtsp: // admin: password@
Is this case it can be added to the program?


Yes, it can be added to NCS. Add the camera using Custom URL. Set Stream type to RTSP_TCP.
In the URL write:

I am not sure how it treats the location of the admin/password, but one of these 3 should work. There are some blank spaces in your URL that you should remove.



It works :wink:

Thank you very much. This is a pro;-)


Excellent. Which of the URL did you use?