New Camera profile AXIS M7014 Video Encoder


How can I assist in getting a new profile in? I am using a “AXIS M7014 Video Encoder”. It is a optical encoder with 4 channels. I am currently accessing it via a rtsp stream but that takes up more resources and network bandwidth than I would prefer.

I did try to connect via ONVIF, but that doesn’t seem to work, but then I have never used it, so I may be issue there. :slight_smile:


No, that do not support the ONVIF standard. If you want to connect it to NCS use the tab for Custom URL. Use stream type rtsp_tcp and the URL
where x is 1 to 4.
This is the h.264 coded stream and the best compression you can get to the lowest bandwidth used. If you must reduce bandwidth more you need to decrease the resolution or the frames per seconds for each camera. I don’t know in detail how you can configure this, but quite often for the h.264 you can set either a constant speed like 2 Mbit/s or best quality. The best way is to play around with these setting until you get something acceptable for each camera. I checked the manual for the encoder and it seems that you can do a lot.