New error and stream failure

Hello, so this just happened to me when trying to start the service

Anyone ever had this issue? know how to fix?
Just updated to 1.9.5

It seems to be an old Visual Studio from 2010. Download and install the latest Visual c++ from the prerequisites at Netcam Studio - Network Camera Surveillance Software . This will most likely make it run again.

Update: I think there’s something up with my signed certificate, ill let you know what happens.
Hmm, no good.
Re-installed and no-go. The service will start automatically with boot but not manually, anyhow with the service running i can’t seem to see my stream anymore, are there any tip to troubleshoot this? i haven’t changed any setting at all recently.

Is there a possibility that when i upgraded to 1.9.5 it didn’t keep my certificate settings?

If you use a https certificate unfortunately yes. Check in the folder C:\Program Files\Netcam Studio - 64-bit and the configuration files for both NCS X and NCS Service. Most likely these lines are reversed back to default for a non-certificate.

<!--TODO: comment out for SSL -->
<add key="WebServerCertificate" value="server.pfx" />
<add key="WebServerCertificatePass" value="test" />

The certificate file should still be there.


All is good, back up and running, thanks for the help.

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