New FreeCam C-310 Chinese Solar IPCAM, what is the url?

I have a new Freecam (FreecamGlobal) C-310 solar ip camera.
The same company is LSVT model C-310 : the link to the webpage is ->

It works ok with its application called ‘Doby’ and i can view it from smartphone or pc with its dedicated app… but if i want to open it in LAN from http or rtsp (via VLC for example) it doesn’t work…
The ip is dinamic ad i can see from the modem/router that is assigned at
I ran nmap and it says there is only 1 port opened in TCP (54321)… If i go to: the page shows a string with the CID of my camera… but nothing else.

Do you have any experience about this type of cam?
I want only to take some snapshot via http or if it is possible via RTSP…

Thanks to everyone in advance :slight_smile:

Nice camera. It is an IP camera with wifi IEE802.11b/g/n at 2.4 GHz, but it is one of those P2P Cloud cameras that use a proprietary communication protocol on port 54321. So sorry, no http or rtsp for communicating with Netcam Studio or VLC.