New Onwote 5MP PTZ Camera Support

Hi - First post here please be gentle!

I have a couple of these Onwote cameras:

They support Onvif and are quite compact. I think they are a new model. The box has a product code of X000V4MORF but Google doesn’t find it…

They work well and I would like to use the full version of NetCamStudio with them - but they are not currently listed…

Does anyone know if they are a rebrand of another camera? - I can’t find another that looks the same.

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.

Nice camera. Since it support the onvif standard it is easily added to Netcam Studio.
When you add the camera use the tab for Onvif Source.
This is a 5 mp cameras so using full resolution will need a considerable amount of cpu power.
Good luck,

Hi Henrik…
Many thanks - I have got that connected now - I have set the cam to 1080p at 10fps, but it’s still using about 50% CPU on a 3.3GHz i5 with 32GB Ram…

This doesn’t look like it will support many cameras! - What can be done to help, apart from lower resolution/frame rate?

That is little high.
Is the 50% the cpu load form the task manager or is it the cpu reading from the bottom banner in NCS?
The 10 fps is the the setting in Client Settings or is it the configuration in the camera? This is only for when you view the video in clients. So when not viewing the video cpu usage should go down.
In Settings and tab Recordings you have the recorded fps. I don´t remember default, but if you have normal situations 10 fps is enough.
In the camera you usually can set variable speed or constant.

Hi again Henrik…
It seems to have settled down a bit - does the software benefit from the newer Xeon processors? - I might move it to a different system I think.

I have to say it’s looking like a great piece of software so far - very impressive! - I might not get the dedicated NVR after all…

Thanks for your help.

Thanks, we like it too :slight_smile: .
Interesting you mentioned Xeon processor. One of my big systems is running on HP server with Xeon processor. In this business we like processors with many cores and threads. That is possible with Xeon to a very resonable price. However, that do not work well. It turns out that the processors for this business is Intels i-series and of cause the i7 or i9 with as many cores as possible. :slight_smile: I am using an HP server with Xeon 4 cores 3 GHz for 18 cams with different resolutions from 640x480 to 1080p and the cpu load is 95% which to high, but it works. The good part with the server and Xeon is the stability. This system with server 2008R2 has been running for 5 years now with different NCS versions. It has never crashed. Only time it is down is when updating NCS. So if you want stability go with Xeon if it can handle your cameras. Otherwise use the i-series. If you have access to a Xeon server just test it and see what happens.