New PTZ cam Sunell

Anyone have any experience with the Sunell PTZ cameras?

I’m going to buy them. I would like to put into the Webcam 7 system. Currently they are not listed.


Hi Bob and welcome to the forum!
Any special reason for using Webcam 7? Webcam 7 is an excellent software with a focus on webcams. Installing Moonware Universal source filter in Webcam 7 will make it possible to connect the IP camera if we know the correct URL (rtsp://xxxx), but there will be no PTZ.
A better match is to use the Netcam Studio release 1.4 which support the onvif standard and now also PTZ onvif. Make sure that the camera support onvif also for PTZ.
More info about Netcam Studio 1.4 here Netcam Studio 1.5.1
Download and test the software.