New PTZ camera - PTZ controls not working properly

Thanks. This partially fixes the issue. The Aztec connects fine and pan and tilt work correctly but no zoom. The other 3 models either no connection or audio only.

Looking more closely at the ONVIF profiles for this camera they only offer UDP.

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Having the same issue. SV3C SD8POE-5MP-HX (

The custom url is showing as rtsp://USERNAME:PASSWORD@ and the stream is RTSP_UDP.


Hi Roger,
Test to change /12 to /11 in your Custom URL. You might need to login to the camera to fine-tune the stream for /11 which usually is the main stream.
If that works test to use the preset templates for the four cameras above.

Hi Henrik

Thanks for the quick reply. It’s using /12 as I am using the lower resolution secondary feed (for small window on monitor) rather than the high resolution /11.

I tried switching it to /11 and I get a feed but when I try all four Network Camera options I just get ‘Connection failed’ for each of them. When using ONVIF and I get the profiles apart from the JPEG ones they are all RTSP_UDP, does that mean it does not support TCP?


Probably. In Custom URL switch rtsp_udp to rtsp_tcp and connect. Login to the camera and check if tcp is pissible. Usually cameras support both.

In the Custom URL tab I can select RTSP_TCP with either /11 or /12 and I get a display.

I then tried the four network cameras and I get a picture on all of them now, but the PTZ controls do not work at all on any of them.

Then that camera have another set of ptz commands that we don’t have, sorry. I really hope we can have a solution soon.

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