New PTZ camera - PTZ controls not working properly



I just got a new 1080p PTZ camera from Amazon -
It is setup in NCS as an Onvif camera.
If I access it through Onvif Device Manager v2.2.250, everything works properly, but if I access it through NCS 1.7, and try the pan, tilt, or zoom, it behaves as if I am holding the control down after only clicking once on it. i.e Full left, or full right, full up or down, etc.
Also behaves the same using the NSC app on an iphone.
Is there anything I can do in NCS to fix that?



Additional information:
I works the same in NCS client, NCS Web Client, NCS IOS Client. (Continuous movement after one click)


When you add the camera in the ONVIF tab you can select different modes for PTZ. Have you tested both modes?


Yes, I have tested both Continuous and Relative - same thing.


I am forwarding this to our developer.