New user here..! running NCS under a regular user account


Hello. Netcam Studio meets all my needs and I’ll be buying a license soon. But one small issue, it will not run when logged into the computer as a “user” account. I get a Permissions error. Logging into Windows as an Administrator works fine. Is there any way to run it under a standard User account? I’m using Windows 7.


NCS use a lot of system resources that only an admin account have access to so I recommend you to do so to avoid future problems. If you right-click on NCS blue icon and run as admin what happens? I have never tested the following so you go ahead and test and report back here. Install NCS from the admin account. Run NCS as a Service (see the section for Guides). When NCS automatically starts it use a local account. Change that to an account with admin rights. Login to the user account and install only NCS Windows Client. Start the windows client red icon and connect to NCS service and see what happens. You can of cause also use the web client or mobile app to connect to NCS Serive. But the main issue is if NCS Service will run on that admin account.



Henrik! Thank you for quick reply. The NCS Service runs on a non-Admin account. But the Client and the Server don’t. That’s no worries though, I’m up and running with 2 cameras and will be adding 2 more next week, so will be buying the license :slight_smile: