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Hello… I am new to the forum because I’m new to WebCam XP. I have the PRO version. I was directed here because the support person at WebCamXP said this forum has participants who monitor user requirements and can take requests for enhancements to WebCam XP.

Thank you for your patience.

  1. I use several D-Link cameras and 3 different models. The model DCS-2330L is not listed as a supported camera and a forum search here yields only one hit - but that result does not help me very much.
    I would like to request that the developers create a template for the D-Link model DCS-2330L camera. I have tried a couple of closely related templates, they start well but fail after about 24 hours.

  2. WebCam XP support also sent me here after I inquired about the differences between WebCam XP and NetCam Studio (which seems to be the main purpose of this forum.) I wanted to know if WebCam XP is still being maintained and if it was reasonable for me to expect a new camera template to be developed. The explanation was that NetCam Studio is not yet ready to be implemented and that WebCam XP was the right application for me.
    This seems inconsistent with the level and kinds of activity in this forum. I still wonder if I would have fared better by buying NetCam Studio instead of WebCam XP.

  3. Finally, I read in this forum that if my WebCam XP license is new that I qualify for a free NetCam Studio license. Is that true and what is the process for making the change?

Thank you in advance!

Kinsman Farm

Hi Kinsman Farm!
Since you have several D-link cameras that are IP cameras change to Netcam Studio! Netcam Studio is the next generation of WebcamXP. So I start with your question 3. You get the amount of licenses in NCS that corresponds to the amount paid for WebcamXP. Contact support here Netcam Studio - Network Camera Surveillance Software

1.there are so many cameras on the market today so it is impossible to list them all. The D-link DCS-2330L is very easy to add to NCS like this. The camera support 3 different video/audio streams. Go into the configuration of the camera where you can setup resolution for each stream. There you will find this

There you have 3 live streams, live1.sdp to live3.sdp. When you add this camera to NCS use the tab for Custom URL.
-set stream type to rtsp_tcp
-use this address/URL rtsp://username:password@camera-IP:554/live1.sdp
-live1.sdp is video and audio and is usually the highest resolution, 1280 x 720.

2.if you have many USB cameras of the same model webcamxp is a good choice. Otherwise go for Netcam Studio. The other cameras should be in the predefined templates. If not D-link is quite easy to work with.

Good luck and you know where to find me for further questions,

Thank you very much for your quick response! I will follow your instructions and make the change.
Kinsman Farm

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I have also some DCS-2330L cameras and i used the ONVIF Feature which works perfectly. In my opinion, the camera templates are completly obsolete, because all cameras, which are “up2date” supporting ONVIF.


Hi Fabian,
There are many older cameras out there that still are very good, but do not support onvif, even some new ones. Onvif really kicked off for about a year ago with megapixel “chinese brands” which by the way usually are quite good. Now mostt of the established manufacturers include onvif. For video/audio and rtsp is is quite easy to follow onvif, but for PTZ it is still some problems and the standard needs development. ONVIF Device Manager is still an excellent tool :). Port numbering can still differ.
But using onvif really reduce headaches :smiley:


I wrote the following to NetCam Studio Support:

I recently purchased Web Cam XP (PRO). I understand that Netcam Studio replaces that application and that you will grant me a license to replace WebCam XP with NCS.
I purchased the “Private” version on 11/8 and upgraded to “Pro” on 11/29 - when I realized that I needed it to support my 5 cameras.
Furthermore, I joined and posed questions about a D-Link model DCS-2330L camera template that I need and the response (from Henrik) was to contact you.
Please let me know how to proceed.
I thank you in advance

The following was their response:

We currently have no discount option for Netcam Studio.

If your purchase has less than 21 days, you can request the refund and then purchase the Netcam Studio license

I guess I’ll go ahead with a purchase of NetCam Studio… I need to get all these cameras on line.

A great “THANKS!” to you and Fabian for your contributions.

Kinsman Farm

Yes, go for NCS. Less headache for all of us :smile: