No audio on my chinese IP Camera

I have a camera from china which support onvif
it’s bundled with an android app called V380, you can find it on play store
using V380 the video & audio works fine and of course it’s enabled
but when using ncs or other windows monitoring softwares the audio is missing
in ncs I’m using custom URL (RTSP_TCP) to add the camera
the URL --> rtsp://

I think it has 2 separated streams, one for video and the other one for audio
just like this -->
but I don’t know how to discover the audio stream
really need help

I would be very surprised if that cam use a separate audio channel … Bundled software makes me always very suspicious. However, test another Android app like onvifer or tinycam free. They do onvif and rtsp and interesting if they can manage this. Since the cam support onvif download onvif device manager where you can see what the camera delivers in the onvif stream.
From ch00_1 is seems that the camera can deliver different channels. Test to use another combination like ch00_2 or ch01_1 or …

Also this V380 worked using RTSP_HTTP url: rtsp://IP:port/live/ch00_1

port: 554 or nothing

I’ve tried all apps you mentioned, still no sound
onvif device manager didn’t work for my camera
but I have tested it with onvif device test tool, it detects my camera well except the audio stream
ch00_0 is for SD resolution and ch00_1 is for HD resolution

Well, bundled software! This is actually very strange. They says it is onvif compliant, but obviously not.
Next step is maybe to take a look at the network traffic. There are several program for this and one is wireshark on Windows. The problem is that you need to do this on the Android where it works and a sniffing program for Android I do not know.
Sorry, but now I am out of ideas.Sometimes manufacturers do everything to make life difficult ;). Return the camera!

unfortunately the seller won’t accept it :smiley:
by the way, do you know how to reboot the camera remotely?
maybe like ssh or ftp access?

Usually, the camera can be rebooted from a menu in the web interface of the camera.

Hi all,

I bought such a camera too, can connect to it using the V380 app on android and the NVCMS software on the the PC.
But i can’t connect using any 3rd party.
I used onvif device manager to connect to the device and get info about the streaming url: rtsp://
There is a username and password set and i can’t figure out how to set the correct string including that.
Here is what i tried:





The firmware version of the camera is:

seems brandnew :slight_smile:

i hope you can help me.

If onvif device manager gives the url it should work with

stream type rtsp_tcp ot rtsp_udp and

Thanks for your effort, but its not working, what i find very strange, as soon as i enter the correct credentials in the onvif device manager, the camera refuses connection