No more audio for the logitech c920 webcam

I installed the new version 1.8.1 (the previous one was
Now the audio of the webcam in question is no longer detected.
When I switch the audio on / off, the client is locked.
Thanks for the help

Hi Ariosto,
That is a big jump and many things have happened since 1365. I recommend that you make a clean installation.
1.start installation program for NCS 181 en select Remove.
2.go to C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server
3.if you have a licensed version copy the file Lic.dat to a safe place
4.delete all files and folders.
5.install NCS 181.
6.copy back the Lic.dat file.
7.start NCS and add cameras


Thanks Henrik,
installation is unlicensed and with only one webcam.
I followed your list.
After a brief hint of audio, the client stopped again.
There seems to be something going full quickly.
Thanks again

I checked and it is a problem with usb audio in this version. It is corrected in the next release.I recommend to go back to earlier version in the meantime.

OK thanks
See you soon

I have installed the new version 1.9.0. Now everything is OK.
Thank you again

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