No photo in mails


thank you for your great Job. Netcam Studio is very powerful…

But I have a little problem : There is no attached photo (or video) in mails.

All parameters for mails are OK.
I wrote a rule to send mail on motion video.
I receive a mail but just with the title and the body with the logo of Netcam studio and the sentence i put in the rule.

I don’t understand…

Thanx for your answer

Hi Thierry!
Thanks for the kind words. Yes, the have really done a great job and continuing with Netcam Studio.
When email is enabled sending an email for any cam when motion is detected there are pictures in the mail to be able to recognize which cam that have been triggered. When you use a rule for a specific cam there is no picture since you write in the mail which cam it is. I know it has been discussed earlier that it would be nice to have a picture also in the rule based mails to see what triggered that motion. But I do not remember if it is some limitation or not. I check again.
I hope @Steve can comment on this.

To have the thumbails, use the email notifications (from the global notification settings). This way you’ll be notified when new elements are added to your library and have the thumbnails.

Through the custom rule you won’t have the thumbnail.


That’s what I done.
But always no photos in mails…

Only the notification…


nobody to help me ?

In fact I don’t receive any mail with the email notifications.
The test button works properly, but the motion detection don’t trigger the email notification.

How can I do ???


Hi Thierry!
Sorry sorry, I thought it was working. In the config above you should get an email WITH pictures when motion is triggered on ANY cam.
You say that the test button works properly. Check in the Event logs. Make sure that you do not have a red icon for the mail when click on Test mail. Are 587 and TLS correct?


no, there is no email (exept with the test button !).
In event log when I click on the test button, the icon is green !

But on motion detection, i heard a sound that means the detection is ok, but there is no mail (no trace in logs).

I don’t understand !

Neither do I ;). Some possibilities to check.

  • you receive an email, but it is sorted to spam.
  • is there a rule for a cam that is not in moton detection? The beep is for any cam.
  • create a rule for a cam at motion det .send an email. Create a motion det. for that cam. That mail will not have a picture. Only the text you wrote in the rule setup.


so, now it’s working, but only because I disabled the continuous recording.
I receive mails with photos.

Isnt’it possible to cumulate continuous recording and mails from motion detection ?


Excellent you found out the problem. It seems that continuous recording overrides motion detection as it is programmed now. In a way that makes sense, but I agree it could be of interest to have both. Motion detection is for just recording what is interesting and save space. If you have booth that should generate 2 files, the continuous and the motion detection. Can you check if you have 2 files in the Library? I do not know if it is due to a technical difficulty or a matter of design philosophy. Maybe developer @Steve can pitch in on this.

Hi All,

Another new user here with only kind words to say for Netcam Studio. I had another software set up but decided to evaluate Netcam as a replacement and have been very impressed so far. I’m evaluating all functionality before I purchase a license, however, and one problem I’m having was discussed in this thread - I am not receiving text alerts at all.

I have confirmed a test message by sending a test and checking the event log - green light and I receive the test message. I never receive an alert with motion, however. I am only recording on motion, not continuous, so the solution found previously in this forum doesn’t apply unfortunately.

I tested it by setting a rule to send an e-mail, and I do receive an e-mail with the Netcam Studio logo as an attachment, but no capture image from the camera (which I understand is expected behavior).

Does anyone have a suggestion on what I can try to resolve this?

Thanks very much for any ideas.


Hi Brian,
Then i suggest you take the next step and download NCS version 1.5.2 from Netcam Studio 1.5.2 and you will have this feature back again. :slight_smile:


Yes yes, that did it. I thought I surely must have the latest version since I had only downloaded it three days ago, but obviously I was unprepared for the pace at which work is being performed on this great software. After updating the alerts did start working right away.

Thank you for taking the time to point out what I should have double-checked before posting! Much appreciated.


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