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Im running NCS with 4 cheap chinacams. I been able to connect 3 using custom url which i fetched from Onvif device manager.
link: ONVIF Device Manager download |
These 3 works great.

But my 4th cam wont show any picture in NCS.
Onvif device Manager shows picture at this url:

I think my problem is that you need to login to this camera?
When I connect to the camera with FireFox ( there is a popup called “QuickTime Internet Authentication”
When I login in this popup i get picture.

Tried in VLC and get a popup called RTSP-authentication.
Login to this and i get picture.

I tried to find info about how to disable that but cant find any.
Any other tricks that can be used?
Seen that you can have user and password in url, but how to do that?

Ok :smile:
Googled RTSP-auth and found this:

Which works great :smiley:

You may close this thread

If you have possibility please just report the type of cameras and the urls that work. This allows us to prepare templates accordingly.


My chinacams (noname?), 2:nd which i have 2 of works best. 1st outdoor has nice daylight picture but not that good night picture.
The indoor cam is nice but doesnt have “night vision” which was a mistake from me.
I am not able to use them wireless due to NCS crashes, wired is no problem at all, even if my server is (too) weak.


that cam uses this url: rtsp://username:password@


2 cam uses urls like this: rtsp://

URL: rtsp://

All urls are taken direktly from Onvif Device Manager, only the first cam needed modification.

Hope it helps

Thank you.

Can you please prepare templates accordingly?