No recordings for 4 days because of full disk


Currently I have 2 problems, which caused me to do not have recordings for 4 days

  1. NCS does not respect library settings. It’s set to 820 GB, but it has grown to 849 GB…

  2. It’s not possible to set a low disk space alert, because it requires to fill in the source field (which you can’t)


Hi Mitch!
Thanks for info! I have already alerted of this problem of retention period since it do not delete all files/folders after the number of days. I have never tested together with maximum Library size. This is of cause not acceptable. On the picture of the Library Settings there is a reading of Free Space: 250 Mb. which obviously is not correct

The Library is Located on Disk E.I assume that NCS is located on C drive? Is disk E a regular HDD in the computer or is it a NAS storage on the LAN?

I tested the Rule also and got the same error message.

I will attend to this asap.


Hi Henrik,

thanks for your fast reply. Indeed, NCS is on the C drive (which is an SSD) and the library is on the E drive, which is a regular disk (so no NAS).

There is a new version of NCS planned to be released in mid-end September that will take care of several problems.

In NCS directly what size is reported for your library (as shown below) ?

Regarding the max size, once it’s reached then it will stop recording (it won’t automatically clean older records to make space for new ones). Only the retention period (therefore expiration) will perform cleanup of the existing medias.

I’m fixing the condition issue regarding notification rules right now.

Interesting interpretation. For me it is the Retention period in number of days OR max Lib size.

When would it be interesting to have a max lib size and then just stop recording without notice? For me if I have a max lib size it would start to remove files and keep on working.


after verification, it’s what it’s doing:

Every minute the cleanup process runs:

  1. expired files
    All files older than the retention period (which are visible in the library in NCS, it’s not scanning the HDD) are removed
  2. max size over limit
    if the max library size exceed the defined size, then it will delete the oldest files until the size is again below the limit. As for (1) only if the files are visible / listed in NCS.

Now, what is the state of your checkbox (cleanup only synchronized files) ?

I’m going to remove this checkbox because I think this is where the confusion comes from. If it’s enabled but no synchronization plugin enabled, then files will never be synchronized and therefore never be cleaned up…

We had a discussion about this checkbox for quite some time ago and it was never interesting for me so it is always unchecked and for Mitch also as above. I don´t remember its function today, but remove it!

  • Every minute the cleanup process runs:- I would say every 5 minutes according to the Event log.

Your comment -At for (1) only if the files are visible / listed in NCS.- All recorded files must of cause be listed in NCS. The problem seems to be that it drops some of these files and therefore they are not deleted?

Also, Free Space is always 0 in my NCS when Library is on a NAS.


Ok i’ll remove the checkbox.

Then yes it’s important to figure out about the files which are not in the library. Is it because they have never been (video recorded but never indexed into NCS which may be the case). Or the cleanup is removing the reference but fails deleting the file (should be a log in this case).

For me the problem doesn’t seem to come from the cleanup part itself after reviewing / validating it.

Please also check if you see a pattern regarding the left over files (it is one file every 2-3 hours). A large group of files from the same day…

For the same timestamp than the TS of the files, do we have any corresponding logs in NCS ?


I cleaned up manually this morning. RIght now, the size on disk is 759 GB (recordings only)

According to NCS its 839 GB

Something strange as well:
The oldest entry is from 21 july on disk:

But in NCS I see older events:

But they don’t play. Probably because I only deleted the video files, not the thumbnails

Well, thumbnails don´t play ;). Sorry, but I had to ;).
I have myself this problem, but only using the retention period with days. This is not rocket science! Steve and I have had a discussion in another part of this forum and the programming of NCS is correct. So the question is now if it is the indexing that might cause some problems.

Can you do a re-indexing of your NCS files by:

  1. Change Library location to just another folder on the C drive. NCS will create the folders and start to save.
  2. Change Library back to the original location. Now it will give you a notice that the folder is not empty and if you want to keep these files. Click on yes. Now the re-indexing process will start and take some time depending on the number of files.

Now it is interesting to see if your settings will work.

What would be really interesting to identify and answer is:

Do we have files being recorded in the library folder that never appear in NCS’s library (Win, Web, Mobile Client) ?

Because this would explain the encountered problems. Having only thumbnails after a manual cleanup is not related, facing the previous case would explain why sometime some users do encounter problems with cleanup (which i don’t on my test instance, it’s being cleaned up as it should).

I only have leftovers in the folder when i manually delete the library database (the movie files remain and will never be cleaned by NCS…)

Well after a manual cleanup then the reported information may be wrong. especially if it hasn’t been re-indexed.

NCS considers the info it has in its database (the index) no what is physically on disk.

Ok. I’ll try that. Thanks for the info.

Maybe it’s a good idea to be able to manual reindex (or do a reindex every x hours).
By default the retention is not set, so the library will fill up endlessly. So only way is to manually delete files (and thus break the index).

Would be interesting to

  1. Enable logging to file on the HDD

(Can be done in NetcamStudioX.exe.config, LogToHDD setting to true)

  1. If the issue happens again, search in log file if we have something like:
    “Stop Recording received but no Thumbail available. Item " +
    ffffffffff + " with duration " + dddddddddd +
    ” cannot be added to library…");

In theory it should match more or less the timestamps of the leftover videos after their retention has expired…

Because this may lead in having video files in the folder (therefore taking space) which are not visible in the library and which will never be cleaned up automatically by Netcam Studio.

I suppose that this is the root cause of unremoved files but still to be confirmed…

We have a new unofficial release out that should take care of this problem that is under testing.