No Recordings on new setup - what am I missing?


I am new to netcam studio

I have used other software = axis, exacqvision, and the cheaper - HIK and Amcrest recorders.

I have setup 9 vivotek cameras on my new setup with cam station.
I have left the default rules in place for recording and turned on motion control for all cameras but I am not getting any recordings. I have checked and they are set to record to a local raid 5 array in the PC I am running and the file structure is available.

I have since added scheduling 24x7 as a test. i have changed the motion detection to “high” to see if that would help.

What am I missing in this configuration? I would think it would record pretty easy out of the box?

I just paid the license fee and I really don’t want to return it - I like the interface - hoping I can make it work.

Thanks for any help you can give…

Yes, it works easy out of the box. Most likely it is the Library path that must be complete. Also make sure that the Rules are set as default.