No updates in 8 years

I’m leaving this software, no updates in 8 years!

Version 1.9.5 was released on June 24, 2021.
See the support page Netcam Studio - Network Camera Surveillance Software

ok, you’re right, only fixes in 6 years sounds better?

Version 1.6 (2017) had changes in the icon’s design, after that all bug fixes or updates due to changes in windows versions.

In another post even the android app is old.

It is software, there are technological changes all the time, they have been promising version 2.0 for more than 3 years.

The truth is that this software has been abandoned and they left 1 person attending the forum just to try to continue selling licenses.

@Henrik Do we have any estimate when the next version will be released? NCS is the only camera software that fully fits my needs, so looking forward to a new version and any new features :blush:

I have systems of my own and I am managing several systems with Netcam Studio and its perfect also for these users. I promise that I push the dvelopers for the next version.


After being in IT for the last 24 years, and retiring from constantly being IT savvy - having a piece of software on an OS that should remain stable for at least 15 more years (Win10 22H2), it’s kinda nice to not worry about “Do I need to update the system so it continues to function for my 10 cameras”.

I got enough to worry about - like “Did I remember to put the garbage cans out on the correct day of the week?”

Twenty minutes to Wapner…