No video or audio streaming using a logitech webcam

After installing the application on my windows 8.1 computer and configuring the webcam, there was no video stream ever appeared. Only a white background is displayed in the video area. If anyone knows how to fix this, please help.

I had a similar issues with my Windows 7 (x64 Ultimate) and was able to resolve it by repairing the .Net installation and then reinstalling Netcam Studio - I’m not so sure if that last step was necessary but a reboot IS after fixing .Net.
To fix .Net go to Control Panel - Programs - Programs & Features and select Microsoft .Net and click on it and the option to uninstall or repair appears - obviously select repair :wink:

Hope that helps!

Just a quick update on my last post…

While fixing .Net helped resolve a number of issues I was having it didn’t resolve them all. After further testing it appears that the Logitech webcam I was using (the Pro 4000) is NOT fully compatible with either Windows 7 or 10.

It works to a degree, supporting some apps OK, but not with Netcam Studio.

I believe the issue is with the Logitech driver which hasn’t been updated beyond support for Windows Vista.