Not possible to have a fulls screen view

Hi everybody,
I am stuck with the following problem when using netcam studio 1.2.8.
I have 5 cams managed with netcam studio. Everything works quite fine .
Anyway it is not possible to have a full screen view of the camera windows for 4 cams ( 720P, 1280 x 720 pixels, ONVIF no-name chinese models).
When I click on one of these selected cam source , I get a small view at the center of the screen, (about 2 times the size of the thumbnail in the multview mode ) but not a full vscreen view.
On the camera side , the configuration seems ok, h254, 1024x720.
I haven’t found any parameter to change in netcam studio, or on the camera side to fix this problem.

If I use other application, as the CMS provided with the cam, I am able to have a full screen view and also with very old cams BSTI are also ok with netcam…
Thanks in advance for your help,

Note: for info, as the cams have no name, they are are added in netcam studio using a custom URL similar to rtsp://

Hi! Someone else had also this problem with a small image. In his case it was a setting in the setup in the camera. How is the image size when you use the web client?

thanks for your quick reply, you are right I have seen after my post another similar topic.

I get exactly the same small size when using the NCS web page, a as when using the NCS tool (352x288 pixels I think, size of the image if I do a snapshot of it )
but of course with the web page I can enlarge it with the button on the bottom right side.
Note: When I use directly the cam web page, without ncs, the size is full screen.
I have also another 2Mb , 1080P onvif cam with another china brand with which I can have the correct size with NCS (full screen).

I was wondering why the NCS does not enlarge the video to full screen even if it received a smaller image? Is the size ( 720P, 1280 x 720 pixel) a problem for NCS?
thanks again for your support, I plan to buy ythe product but I would like to solve this problem first if possible.

I am using two different brands with 1280x720/960 with no problems. In the configuration of the camera it should be possible to change the resolution. What happens then with cam that works and with the one that don’t ?. I would also test with VLC using exactly the same url to see how the image scale. You write that you have another 2Mb cam with another brand that works. For me that indicates more of a cam problem. I have not used an URL in NCS of the format that you write above. In NCS the URL usually looks like rtsp://username:password@ipnumber:port/…