Notification settings not saving

So I’ve recently upgraded to 1.6.1 from 1.5.2 and it appears the settings are not being saved. I can change my email SMTP server and it works, that is until I reboot, then I receive event logs indicating notification email sending has failed (but list the old email server address).

Perhaps somehow the settings are read only, not persisting after shutdown?

Hi Adrian,
From another case like this. Most likely this situation has do to with that NCS do not have permission to write to the settings file. In the log file you should be able to see this. Install and run NCS on the same account with administration rights.
If you use IE 11 for the web client there is a problem with version 1.6.1. Install version 1.6.2 from the forum where that is fixed.

The only account on the server is Administrator. No domain involved. Where is the log file stored?

You have it in C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server\Logs
ProgramData is hidden folder.
Make sure that logging is enabled in Settings-Server setting.
Check also the security for the Server config file that Admin can do changes.

I’ve found that if you run Netcam Studio as a service then settings are not permanently saved if you reboot the system; you need to stop the service first (in task manager) before rebooting, then the settings persist after a reboot. Bit of an odd one but there you go.

“In task manager”. Do you mean Service Manager? This is equivalent to Exit in consol mode. A reboot just end everything like a crash. @Steve.

The “Services” tab in Task Manager is how I do it

Yes, then we are fine :slight_smile: That is a controlled stop.

Is there a way of asking Windows to gracefully stop a service when a reboot is underway?

We had this discussion with another user for some time ago and he was using win xp or 7 and changed to 10 and it seems that this controlled Exit of programs before a restart or reboot is gone in win 10.