Old webcamxp admin

Hi, I am using 2.20 webcamxp. I would like to know what is the url to get the remote admin page
I frequently have to restart my friends webcam and I want to be unobtrusive. Thanks for help

There is no such admin web page for remote control of webcamxp. You must access the computer with TeamViewer or similar software.
Alternativ, move to Netcam Studio and use the windows client for remote control which includes open the router for several ports.

Hi, I thought it might since version 3 has such a page that I’ve been using and both version 2 and 3 have a button to check for remote admin and to enter a username password

Well, then you have the URL. I have webcamxp 5 which is the last version. You setup the web client for admin rights where you can access several parameters, but never restart WebcamXP. NCS don´t let you do that either at a closer look so you need to remote into the computer.

Well I have the url for webcam version3 but not for version 2. It’s not the same. That’s the mystery I’m trying to solve. I guess I’ll just have to forget about it or use Team Viewer but the remote url was quicker