One licence ,one VM, One Hardware


I have a question if you can help me.
I have a main physical server with my Netcamstudio license.
But in case of failure of this one I switch to a virtual Proxmox what I do from time to time to make sure never to be a server for monitoring.
So can I also activate my license for my virtual? because I do not want to buy a license yet I use only a netcamstudio or in physics or vituel but always at home even IP?


The licensing of NCS use the hardware that it runs on. So if hardware is changed the license is gone. To use the same license key again you must contact support to release that license. Then you can use it again.
Be careful with virtual machines since we have noticed that it do not always work.


Thank you for the answer I will not laugh at losing my license ok
I will not put my license on my VM.